Quick! Name one story line from Happy Days! Did you say "Fonzie jetskiing over a shark?" Happy Days ruled, but its most embarrassing moment eclipses all of its best ones.

Unfortunately, The Fonz isn't even the worst example of "throwing a beloved character into the ocean to spice things up." Take a deep breath; we're going on a deep dive of the reboots, cast changes, and straight-up lazy writing that tanked some of your favorite shows.

13 Beloved Franchises That Became Unwatchable

13 Beloved Franchises That Became Unwatchable

EScrubs had tied up all its loose ends by the season 8 finale, but NBC got greedy and bought a 9th. teachers, school med as to pass Returning attempte

M*A*S*H never fully recovered from the season 11 flop Trick or Treatment. While practicing shitty puns for a Halloween party, the crew is somehow bl

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The season 3 dud Spock's Brain sounded the death knell for Star Trek. When a sexy alien steals Spock's moneymaker, the crew Weekend-At-Bernie's him

TH3 FUINUSTONES Instead of dying with dignity, they barrelled through a disastrous 6th season with a would-be ringer: The Great Gazoo This anachronist

Conventional wisdom says Happy Days croaked when Fonzie literally jumped the shark in season five. But a more accurate low water mark might be The Nu

Once a dignified period piece, DOWNTON ABBEY began leaning way too heavily on melodrama. Case in point: the season 3 Christmas special. Karmic punchin

COMMUNITY Not expecting to be renewed, the writers graduated Lomnnity Eallrge Jeff Winger rremale Ffay Tobkas Winger at the end ueaties Asariate of se

13 Beloved Franchises That Became Unwatchable

13 Beloved Franchises That Became Unwatchable

That 70's Show lost its luster when actors' personal lives forced writers into some clunky narrative gymnastics in seasons 6-8: Laurie went to beauty

13 Beloved Franchises That Became Unwatchable
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