'Recent' Things That're Actually Older Than Dirt

That big trendy thing is 100 percent nothing new.
'Recent' Things That're Actually Older Than Dirt

There are entire industries devoted to shouting at people about the latest trends, and telling them that if they miss the wave, they're canceled forever. Welp, we've got news for them. Many things we take for granted as recent inventions were actually thought of a long, long time ago. Here are 12 things that are way older than people think.

ANCIENT ROMANS LOVED THEIR FAST FOOD. Over 2000 years ago, Romans had thermopolia, take-out counters where hot food was served. In Pompeii alone, ther
THE FIRST WORKING SUBMARINE DATES BACK TO THE 1620S. Cornelius van Drebbel created a modified rowboat that went 15 feet underwater. However, no plans
THE OLDEST PIECE OF GUM IS OVER 9000 YEARS OLD. The gum was made out of resin and sweetened with honey. Archeologists believe it was chewed by a teena
BRAIN SURGERY HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE NEOLITHIC PERIOD. Archeologists have found holes intentionally carved by instruments into skulls. Some have ed
EXPANDED CINEMATIC UNIVERSES HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE THE 1940S. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man was the first movie in a series of monster crossovers,
ANIMATION DATES BACK TO THE PALEOLITHIC AGE. 21,000 years ago, artists drew rows of cave images that, when lit by flickering firelight, gave the illus
ROLLERSKATING DATES BACK TO THE 1760S. John Joseph Merlin debuted his invention during a masquerade, where he proceeded to crash into a giant mirror.
THE COMMERCIAL SALE OF BOTTLED WATER STARTED IN 1767. Bottled water was sold by Jackson's Spa in Boston. Early drinkers believed the bottled mineral w
A A VENDING MACHINES WERE DESIGNED IN 8I H X THE 1ST CENTURY. Hero of Alexandria created a machine that dispensed holy water after a coin was inserted
THE FIRST 3-D MOVIE PREMIERED IN 1920. The Power of Love was the first 3-D movie for a commercial audience, but the film is now lost. CRACKED.COM
Tlpade kouTwokdagwTpwoowtmup Kou joook FLAMETHROWERS WERE CREATED IN THE 7TH CENTURY. Byzatines used Greek fires in naval battles. They were especia
at and back shower-proor hood the in thrown pockots, HOODIES HAVE an BEEN AROUND SINCE THE 1930S. F715 No. heavy of made colora. They were originally
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