It's pretty much a given that you're going to see some weird shit on the big and small screen. Hollywood is literally those weird AV kids from high school exploring their weirdest fantasies. But sometimes it turns out what's going on on the other side of the camera is just way, way weirder.

Here's a collection of some of the strangest behind-the-scenes stories.

No one told the kid from THE SHINING he was making a horror movie Stanley Kubrick tormented Shelley Duvall until her hair fell out, but decided to spa

Toxic makeup decimated the cast of The Wizard of Oz. Copper oxide almost took out the Wicked Witch, and aluminum powder put two separate Tin Men out o

Gary Busey swears he's been to Heaven. GARY BUSEY OZPERKINS QUIGLEY ANANGERGTAIL Busey nearly died in a motorcycle accident in 1988. He demanded the s

Bruce Lee actually power- kicked a dude in Enter the Dragon. After an actor accidentally injured him, Lee got his revenge by demolishing the guy's che

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The victim of an unsolved murder may have been an extra in JAWS. This extra may be the Lady of the Dunes, a murder victim discovered nearby just 2 m

Michael J. Fox nearly hanged himself on set. Fox messed up his hand placement in Back to the Future Part LII'S hanging scene, resulting in him passing

One of Chucky's body doubles was an actual child Good Guys ...which looks even more horrifying. When robot versions of Chucky wouldn't do the trick, a

Scully wasn't allowed to walk next to Mulder on The X-Files. Producers on the original series insisted that Gillian Anderson stay a few feet behind Da

Random Task from Austin Powers turned out to be a f*ing monster. Joe Son was linked to a 1990 kidnapping and gang rape, and later killed his cellmate

The zombie dog from I Am Legend was really just a green-suited puppeteer. CRACKED COM

The abduction scene in GHS STBUSTERS was actually goofy as hell. They just made three guys kneel out of frame with hairy gloves on. CRACKED.COM

Adam Sandler really beat up those kids in Billy Madison. The director, the kids, and the kids' parents all gave him permission to brutally peg them in

The actors in The Godfalher had their bodies rigged with tiny explosives. James Caan, who played Sonny Corleone, was covered in 147 explosive squibs,

A background actor in The Exorcist was a real-life serial killer. Paul Bateson, a real-life X-ray technician, confessed to killing, dismembering, and

Batman's Burt Ward was given pills to shrink the beast in the bat trunks' (his words) Pow! His mighty bulge was SO scandalous, the studio had a sket
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