18 Images That Prove Sex Used to Be Insane


Thanks to this wonderful invention we call the Internet, we know there's all sorts of just horrible kinds of fornicating going on. We also know that this is nothing new.

That's why we asked our readers to go through the depraved annals of time to uncover some truly disturbing sexual acts our ancestors were accustomed to. Winner got $200 ...

Entry by dw1039

CRACKED Thots haivdeger Its the na in faict ane af warlds fiet electronic se. toys Sor devetoped wamen. in Victovian England.

Entry by Comunacho

In Ancient Rome it was perfectly, normal for a free man to have sex with other men and women, and slave children (free children were protected by law,

Entry by Quo

CRACKEDo Are you a single craving sex in a country where adultery is illegal and punishable by death? n nt Introducing... Mut'a! A temporary marriage

Entry by mkad

It common in the was 17th century for nannies to masturbate their young male charges to help them go to sleep. CRACKED.COM

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