Weird Fixations That Celebs Blew The Bank On

Weird Fixations That Celebs Blew The Bank On

Famous people are well-known for throwing their fat stacks of cash at weird stuff. I mean, they're famous and can afford it. Even if they don't, they figure that if they don't have the money now, they can just make more money later. I mean, how else can you collect unique, antique faberge eggs like they were Pokémon?

But sometimes celebrities take it too far, and they're “gotta catch ‘em all” attitude can cause themselves financial hardship. By spending all their money on some specific, weird fixation, they put themselves into financial ruin or never get an opportunity to retire or live the swanky lifestyle they previously had. 

Even if M.C. Hammer’s career didn't take a turn for the worse, he probably shouldn't have bought 19 thoroughbred horses. Plus you wouldn't believe what Burt Reynolds spent on toupees.

Here are details about those and other obsessions that cost millionaires… well, millions of dollars:

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