Weird Fixations That Celebs Blew The Bank On

It’s not love unless you go broke loving it.
Weird Fixations That Celebs Blew The Bank On

Famous people are well-known for throwing their fat stacks of cash at weird stuff. I mean, they're famous and can afford it. Even if they don't, they figure that if they don't have the money now, they can just make more money later. I mean, how else can you collect unique, antique faberge eggs like they were Pokémon?

But sometimes celebrities take it too far, and they're “gotta catch ‘em all” attitude can cause themselves financial hardship. By spending all their money on some specific, weird fixation, they put themselves into financial ruin or never get an opportunity to retire or live the swanky lifestyle they previously had. 

Even if M.C. Hammer’s career didn't take a turn for the worse, he probably shouldn't have bought 19 thoroughbred horses. Plus you wouldn't believe what Burt Reynolds spent on toupees.

Here are details about those and other obsessions that cost millionaires… well, millions of dollars:

Derrick Coleman's obsession with Rolexes was part of why he lost his fortune 28 SOLEMA 44 By the time he filed for bankruptcy, he owned almost 40 of t
curly Howard from The Three Stooges had a soft spot for stray dogs. He spent SO much money feeding and caring for the strays he took in that he had fi
Charlie Sheen is obsessed with Babe Ruth. EL H E Babe Ruth He had to sell $4 million in Ruth's memorabilia around the time his house was about to be f
MC Hammer bought 19 thoroughbred horses. Considering that just one of them is worth millions, it was not surprising that he eventually declared bankru
John Travolta's passion cost him a major role in the '80s. AAN The studio wanted him to do An Officer. and a Gentleman, but he chose to study aviation
Mark Twain's interest in typesetting machines ruined him financially. A former typesetter himself, Twain invested tens of thousands of dollars on the
Quentin Tarantino tried collecting lunch boxes, but it was too expensive. They really rape you on lunch boxes, he says. He switched to board games b
Cameron Diaz is happy to lose acting income if she can snowboard more. When she pulled out of the movie A Little Game because she didn't like the scri
Henry Ford's perfectionism led to the bankruptcy of his first car company. BM MILLP Ford's insistence on constantly improving upon his designs at the
Muhammad Ali's desire to support his relatives cost him around 64,000 a month. There's a tally sheet that God is keeping every day, and I want to put
GRACT Soul singer Isaac Hayes went broke due to his lavish spending. He was particularly passionate about cars, and had an expensive fleet of luxury c
Pitcher Curt Schilling was an avid online gamer during his Major League career. Sox RED After retiring, he founded 38 Studios. It not only went under,
MC Hammer wanted to help his old friends, so he gave them jobs. They made up most of his 200- odd employees. His act of charity was one of the causes
Burt Reynolds spent more than $100,000 on toupees. His reckless spending eventually forced him to file bankruptcy in 1996.
The maintenance of Michael Jackson's ranch, Neverland, was $240,000 a month. These costs include the upkeepof an CRACE amusement park and a private zo
Johnny Depp is a big fan of wine He refuted his manager's claim that he spent $30,000 a month on wine M despite having a financial crisis. According t
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