18 Fascinating Facts For Your Edification

Get your tasty brain snacks, here.
18 Fascinating Facts For Your Edification

The human brain is a fascinating piece of meat. It has the ability to retain so much and yet so little information. You'd figure it would automatically be drawn to remember math equations, directions, and special tasks with no problem. Yet somehow, for many of us, it just retains fun tidbits of information that can only benefit us during awkward social situations, game night, or at bar trivia. In spite of that limitation, it still works for us.

There's nothing better for your brain than stuffing it with interesting, surprising facts. If you've fallen a little behind in the facts department, we've got your back. We've compiled a list of objectively interesting, cool things that you'll be glad to know. It'll at least help you get that $25 gift certificate at bar trivia.

And if you really want to flex that skull muscle, there's a link to a related Cracked article under each image.

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