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Scientific curiosity is pretty much a requirement for anyone in STEM-related fields, and it's definitely responsible for a ton of technological advancements. But it's also responsible for a ton of shenanigans.

Look, we get it. At some point the pressure gets to great thinkers of the world, and they just say "screw it" and do some impressively wild stuff. Like:

Sci Fi-Grade Experiments That (Somehow) Happened

Sci Fi-Grade Experiments That (Somehow) Happened

CRACKED COM Scientists created chickens with dinosaur faces. con In 2015, researchers from Yale and Harvard, possibly with funding from John Hammond,

Scientists resurrected a nearly 42,000- year-old wormn. Russian and Princeton University scientists say they've thawed and revived two ancient nematod

Scientists built tiny 3D goggles for praying mantises. This mantis isn't just fashionable with its slick little goggles - it's a boon to science. Mant

Scientists spawned tadpoles with eyes on their tails. Tufts University researchers wondered what would happen if they transplanted a tadpole's eyeball

Scientists created remote-controlled (living) beetles. In the never-ending quest to humiliate nature, scientists from UC Berkeley and Nanyang Technolo

Sci Fi-Grade Experiments That (Somehow) Happened

Sergei Brukhonenko tried to keep severed animal heads alive. Brukhonenko arguably helped pave the way for VENOUS PUMP modern heart and lung machines.

Scientists turned mice and organs) transparent. This mouse might look like an exotic street delicacy, but it's heralding a revolutionary medical techn

Sci Fi-Grade Experiments That (Somehow) Happened

A Soviet biologist tried to create llya a humanzee. lvanov What do you get when you cross a human with a chimpanzee? The answer is obviously an abomi
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