13 Annoying Ways Movies Keep Getting Science Wrong

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The "Sci" in sci-fi stands for science. Because of that, you'd think sci-fi shows and movies would be brimming with scientific accuracy. As it turns out, they're much heavier on fiction. And the same thing goes for pretty much every genre of movie. We're completely surrounded by shows and movies that blatantly get their science facts wrong.

For example ...

Entry by Busteq

CRACKED.COM If you focus immense strength against a very small area of a large object... you wouldn't move it. You would pierce it.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED.COM In Angels and Demons (2009), the bad guys attempt to use antimatter, stored in vials, to destroy the Vatican. While the effect of antimatt

Entry by Andrea Meno

You can't hide in a nebula, because they're very thin. Battlestar Galactica If you were in one, you'd just see black space around you. CRACKED.COM


If you could use most parts of your brain, instead of only 10%, you would... not acquire god-like mind capabilities like Lucy. You would stay the same


60-mph winds can HELP IS ONLY 140 MILLION MILES AWAY do a lot of. damage here on earth... MATT DAMON MARTIAN TH IN CINEMAS SEPTEMBER 30 But .on Mars,

Entry by Hestutomo

George Clooney's Character in Gravity doesn't really need to die. In the movie, he sacrifices himself by cutting the cable SO that Sandra Bullock's ch

Entry by PookieJones

Sofas and tables only stop bullets in movies and TV shows. As seen in Psych and countless others. In real life, you'd have better luck hiding behind a

Entry by Sonny Time

Faster-than-light travel would not be streaks of light. STAR WARS RETURN OF THE TED According to physicists at Leicester University, space travelers w

Entry by Busteq

Lack of pressure can kill you as quickly as lack of oxygen. An Oxygen mask is not sufficient equipment to explore an asteroid. CRACKED c COM

Entry by Hestutomo

In Pacific Rim, they destroy the bridge to Kaijus' lair by detonating the nuclear reactor that powers Gipsy Danger. In reality, a nuclear power reacto

Entry by Hestutomo

In Star Wars (and basically any film taking place in space), destroying a spaceship forces it to stop. In reality, when a spacecraft's engine suddenly

Entry by Scott Laffey

13 Annoying Ways Movies Keep Getting Science Wrong

Entry by Andrea Meno

13 Annoying Ways Movies Keep Getting Science Wrong