18 Movie Locations (With The Curtain Pulled Back)

Movie locations and sets can look wildly different from what’s on the screen.
18 Movie Locations (With The Curtain Pulled Back)

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Movies and shows are shot in studios, and on location, and in this dimension, so you'd think they'd look pretty much like reality. But sometimes they're startlingly different. Both interior and exterior movie and TV scenes can look absolutely nothing like the real-world places they were shot.

For example ...

THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE- The Haunting of Hill House is terrifying. In the series, we see the exterior of a house that inspires goosebumps. But in r
18 Movie Locations (With The Curtain Pulled Back)
The Addams Family living room set was decorated in pastel colors. A location photo recently surfaced showing that the famously dark and gothic show wa
The arena where the Viper and the Mountain fought looks very different in real life. KRUG H It's an amphitheater at the abandoned Hotel Belvedere, in
18 Movie Locations (With The Curtain Pulled Back)
Season 7 episode THE Bart On The Road SIMeSonS has Bart and friends visiting the Knoxville World's Fair site. WO F.:R MIM In real life the World's F
The lovely streetscape in Mary Poppins was actually just an indoor set. ISTH CRACKED.COM
CRACKEDcO Do you want to visit Hogwarts, the Schoolof Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter saga? Well, it might not be what you expected... T
The front of the Overlook Hotel in THE SHiNiNG was built at Elstree Studios, and was based on Oregon's Timberline Lodge. EY The crew covered the exter
The Snow Fortress scene in the movie INCEPTION was shot from this scale model CRACKED COM
Obi-Wan's house, where he saw Leia's message and gave Luke his father's lightsaber, looks like it's deep in the desert. CRACKED.COM But it's by the Me
Did CRACKEDC COM you grow up thinking Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was filmed in a small home? It's actually an open set, with a nice view of the neighbo
CRACKEDCON lero IC DReAM.o of Jeannie This is what the inside of Jeannie's bottle looks like.
The rope bridge in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom must be in the middle of untouched wilderness, right? Nope, it's a few hundred yards south fro
STAR WARS This is what the Millennium Falcon's cockpit looks like from behind, where the cameraman would be. CRACKED6OM
This beautiful pool scene in 127 Hours was filmed at the Homestead Crater, Utah. But if you tried to look for the rock formation above it, you'd be so
CRACKEDCON This is how the Ryan Reynolds film RUIRIED was shot.
CracKED.com THE D-ARK KNIGHT RISES The Pit doesn't look so high now, does it?
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