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The better we get at technology, the fewer mysteries there are in the world. Which makes it all the more impressive that there are still a ton of mysteries that experts are still scratching their heads over.

And we're not talking about the run-of-the-mill "where are my car keys" type of mysteries. There are truly disturbing, cold-sweat-worthy mysteries that professionals are still shrugging over and tossing into their "hell if I know" files. Like...

Entry by Pauli Poisuo

The case of Sir Harry Oakes sounds like an Agatha Christie novel Sir Harry was found dead at his Bahamas mansion in 1943. He had been bludgeoned to de

Entry by Pauli Poisuo

Bible John picked up his victims in a ba allroom. UNSOL According to a witness, John liked quoting the Bible in conversation- except that he wasn'

Entry by whoiswillo

The Sodder children just evaporated. Four of George and Jennie Sodder's nine children managed to get out when their house burned down in 1945. The oth

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