25 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved, Unexplained, & Unsettling

25 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved, Unexplained, & Unsettling

The better we get at technology, the fewer mysteries there are in the world. Which makes it all the more impressive that there are still a ton of mysteries that experts are still scratching their heads over.

And we're not talking about the run-of-the-mill "where are my car keys" type of mysteries. There are truly disturbing, cold-sweat-worthy mysteries that professionals are still shrugging over and tossing into their "hell if I know" files. Like...

Entry by Dunc_McI

GRAGKED COM Zach Ramsay may or may not be a victim of cannibalism. When 10-year-old Ramsay disappeared in 1996, known child molester Nathaniel Bar-Jon

Entry by tusk1113

America's Unknown Child is still unknown. In 1957, aJ. C. Penney bassinet box was found in the woods near Philadelphia. The box contained the body o

Entry by whoiswillo

NO one knows (or will tell) what happened to Garnell Moore UNSOLVED Garnell went missing in Baltimore in 2002, when he was seven- but his disappearanc


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