18 'Unsolved' Mysteries (That Have Been Thoroughly Solved)

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Like The Voynich Manuscript or the Mary Celeste, there are a lot of mysteries out there that continue to baffle the masses. To be clear, this isn't that. The myths found below are perpetuated by people who simply refuse to do a quick Google search.

For example ...

Entry by Andrea Meno

76 years later, we know what set fire to the Hindenburg: static electricity. After performing experiments with scale models, and reviewing archive foo

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

We want 1 ll 1 1 to believe 2 that the 1/E2 l UBl signal 3-1 was from the 5 aliens. ww 14 l according l But to 3 a study published in 2017, two 4 come

Entry by JarOCats

HE BLOOP was a tremendously loud, ultra-ttino from sound deep within the South Pacific, detected in 1997 by undersea sensors 3.000 miles apart. While


Where do crop circles come from? Since people couldn't possibly produce complex GRAUN designs in one night, was it aliens? We may never know... ...exc

Entry by ERRiley

Where is Dr. Death? Sightings of Nazi war criminal Dr. Aribert Heim are reported all across the globe despite the fact that he is known to have lived

Entry by PookieJones

No one really knows what happened to the Mayan civilization. Except for the scientists at Arizona State and Columbia University. Due to rapid deforest

Entry by PollyDarton

Will we ever find out who Banksy really is? (We probably know.) A recent study using criminal and artist terrorist profiling technology has Robin. nar

Entry by Hestutomo

The culprit in the Bear Brook murders has been identified. When police failed to identify four bodies crammed into metal drums, the case went cold. SH

Entry by Hestutomo

For decades, a mysterious force has been slowing down Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 space probes. CRAN Experts at NASA were baffled and suspected that our

Entry by Hestutomo

The mystery: the paulding Light, a light that mysteriously appears above the tree line on US Highway 45. The locals believe it's the ghost of a railro


Why does Catedral Nueva, a Spanish cathedral built hundreds of years ago, have a carving of an astronaut on it? It's mystified many people but the exp

Entry by Hestutomo

The mystery: severed Feet repeatedly washed up on British Columbia's beaches. People attributed them to plane crashes or a serial killer. The answer:

Entry by Scott Laffey

BOSHAM CRACKED.GOM THE HEAD The origin of the 375-pound stone head found in a flowerbed was solved after 200 years. British archaeologists used 3D las

Entry by Gareth

Ancient stone structures weren't built with the help oF wizards or aliens Modern scientists have demonstrated that with teamwork and simple machines,

Entry by Scott Laffey

Some claimed hieroglyphs found on the temple of Seti I showed ancient depictions of helicopters, subs, and jets. HH Blogger Hypnogogial discovered the

Entry by Sonny Time

What really crashed in Roswell in 1947? Pictured is a radar target from a balloon. The US Army Air Force was working on a balloon project at the time

Entry by Hestutomo

The mystery: iron pipes dated to 150,000 years ago were found in Baigong, China. This is puzzling, considering the earliest sign of human activity in

Entry by Busteq

Yes, your washing machine has been eating your socks. This is where they go. CRACKEIDOON