28 Infuriating (Yet True) Statistics


Numbers don't lie, which makes them even more infuriating when those numbers are delivering some not so great information. That's why we asked you to bring us some stats that we absolutely should be astounded by ... and not in a good way.

The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by kkapow

CRACKED COM LEGALLY REQUIRED MINIMUM LEAVE (IN WORKING DAYS): paid public holidays + paid annual leave Australia: 27 Japan: 10 Austria: 35 Netherlands

Entry by HappyHomer

CONT Can you identify this country? .. If so, pat yourself on the back- 650/0 of colege-age Americanss could not

Entry by whoiswillo

Congress has an approval rating around 10% Yet, in every election since 1964, members of the House of Representatives seeking another term have b'een

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