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Correcting glaring errors and omissions in the history books is what our readers do best, and it's a truly noble calling. There are uncounted numbers of people that average humans have never heard of, who made meaningful, important contributions to the world.

So instead of letting the winners write the history books, how about if we focus on people who actually deserve our admiration, like:

Entry by Maclise

SHIRLEY CHISHOLM paved the way for Obama and Hillary Clinton by becoming the first black woman to run for president. She also served seven TOGETHER as

Entry by RayMav

Madam C.J. Walker She was a businesswoman, philanthropist. and activist, who rose from poverty to become one of the first African American female mill

Entry by RayMav

Gino Bartali Aside from being a champion road cyclist who won the Giro d'Italia three times and the Tour de France twice, he was also a humble nationa

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