Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere

Even the most predictable movie or show can hit you in the feels.
Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere

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Movies and shows are pretty formulaic, and we've all gotten jaded to the point that there's not much that surprises us. But occasionally there's a poignant moment or character buried in an otherwise predictable, run-of-the-mill movie or show. And it's so unexpected and delightful that we're left wondering how in the world it got there.

For example ...

CRACKEDO COM SPOngeLob SQUAREPANTS In the episode Dying for Pie, Squidward mistakenly believes that SpongeBob ate a dessert that will kill him by th
When his character was introduced, I assumed that Ser Davos Seaworth would just play the role of the generic henchman whose narrative provides a windo
Batman makes a brilliant call in Justice League, while mentoring the Flash. Yes, that Justice League. It comes when the Flash panics during a rescue m
In Russian Doll, you fall quickly for Natasha Lyonne's spontaneous and well-meaning character, Nadia, whose fiery antics bring humor and life into the
DUMBL DUMSER AND In between all the poop and fart jokes is a sincere moment that SO many people can relate to. I'm sick and tired of being a nobody.
Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere
For a love interest in a teen drama, Valerie Brown really stands out. VERDALE She is confident, talented, and she knows how well she should be treated
Kevin might not have been a very smart character on The OfFice but he did show he has one of the biggest hearts in 'The New Guys' episode. 32 11 YO Hi
I was expecting Newt Scamander to be another cookie cutter Harry Potter I Luke Skywalker - type action heiro. Instead, his most hieroic qualities are
CRACKEDCON Once Upon a Time is filled with flat, fairytale-based characters, but August Booth (Pinocchio) rises above them with one poignant quote: I
THE HANDMAID'S TALE Serena Joy is cold and calculating, and beyond redemption for the terrible things she's done. When she caught June in the middle o
Wedge Antilles is the only character to survive two Death Star runs, which he did without powers, a cool Wookiee co-pilot, or quirky droids CRACKED CO
the office Watching Jim offer sincere comfort and compassion to Dwight in Money (Season 4, Epidodes 7 & 8) is strangely touching. It's a nice remind
At the beginning of Overlord (2018), Chloe appears to be nothing more than an oppressed citizen in a Nazi-occupied village. However, when faced with t
CRACKEDCON When Gadreel first made his appearance in Supernatural Season 9, I assumed that he was just another throwaway angel character in the season
Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere
Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere
In The Lord of the Rings, we see Middle Earth as it's dying. The elves are leaving, magic is fading, and the entire world is in ruins. But in The Hobb
CRACKED COM BENNY HAMMOND Was the first normal adult that 11 met, but despite his demeanor, and her odd behavior, he treated her with kindness.
FOR A HORROR MOVIE, THE OPENING SCENES OF ALIEN: COVENANT ARE PRETTY INSPIRING The ship using solar sails to power GRAGKEDCOM itself shows what humani
I wrote off Samwise Gamgee as just some hick gardener, undeservedly elected to HA protect Frodo on his journey. Until the Tower of Cirith Ungol, that
Stan Lee's cameo as himself in Mallrats is genuinely touching. The Marvel Comics' writer pops up in the '90s stoner comedy to give the character Brodi
For me, Neville Longbottom teaches the real lesson in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone don't cave under peer pressure. And the moment he is rewar
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