Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere

Inspirational Scenes That Come Out Of Nowhere

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Movies and shows are pretty formulaic, and we've all gotten jaded to the point that there's not much that surprises us. But occasionally there's a poignant moment or character buried in an otherwise predictable, run-of-the-mill movie or show. And it's so unexpected and delightful that we're left wondering how in the world it got there.

For example ...

Entry by Bill Mead

CRACKED COM BENNY HAMMOND Was the first normal adult that 11 met, but despite his demeanor, and her odd behavior, he treated her with kindness.

Entry by Kevin King

Stan Lee's cameo as himself in Mallrats is genuinely touching. The Marvel Comics' writer pops up in the '90s stoner comedy to give the character Brodi
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