27 Characters Who Make The Dumbest Mistakes

27 Characters Who Make The Dumbest Mistakes

Sometimes actors focus so hard on portraying a personality that they forget to learn the basic skills of the person they're trying to be. It's not that they're making bad decisions, or getting their basic facts wrong. It's that they seem to lack the ability to perform the mechanics of how to be the character they're portraying. They're taking their job and making it unnecessarily harder.

Sure, they remember their character's tragic backstory, their character's mastery of the martial arts and other highly trained skills, and their character's motivation of revenge. But in while they focus on that, they sometimes forget how phones, computers, and even how pens work. Thankfully for them, these instances usually happen so quickly that you can blink and miss them.

But you all didn't. We want to thank our Cracked readers, especially gicusudoru, for sharing some of these instances where pop culture characters could have been a bit smarter.

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