15 Weird Things In Normal Products Everybody Owns

15 Weird Things In Normal Products Everybody Owns

There's a famous expression about knowing how sausage is made, and how it's not for the faint-hearted or something. But the thing is, there's something demonstrably strange about how literally every product is made. So, take that, sausage.

Ever surprised by the manufacturing of Mascaras you use every day? Even though some states use coal as well as tar to achieve the deep black color like most mascaras, doing so in the U.S. is illegal. As a result, carbon black is commonly used in the discoloration of mascara. Brown can be achieved with iron oxides, and a few more inorganic pigments, such as blue and purple, are widely used to achieve more unusual colors.

Whereas there are several methods for producing mascara, the emulsified technique is the most cost-effective for businesses. Liquid and special thickeners are combined in this process to form a cream base texture.

In terms of pillows, such a hypoallergenic pillow guard will keep you safe from termites, dust mites, and other creepy tiny allergens without sacrificing comfort. Ever think about what they are actually made of? 

Similarly, several more daily use products contain shocking manufacturing of all the times.

Don't believe us? Well...

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