Epic Acts Of Trolling From 12 Famous Folks

Turns out trolling has a long, storied, history.
Epic Acts Of Trolling From 12 Famous Folks

Consider it for a moment. These famous figures have millions around the world criticizing praising them daily, and the majority of them will not tolerate fools.

If you follow Chris Evans you understand he can't help but criticize the president when he is doing something especially horrific, such as insulting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on her strong testimony, discussing Russia's active participation in the American election, or giving a press conference following the fatal 2017 protest.

Evans' continuing political trolling undoubtedly elevates him to the ranks of the finest Chrises. Or the worst of the Chrises. At this point, we honestly don't know.

We've always assumed that famous figures seem to have been intellectual stuffed-shirts involved in noble activities, only pausing for brief poses for portraits. And we generally think of "troll comments" as hateful basement dwellers who appreciate antagonism as its reward. You'd think there'd be little duplication between these two different groups. You would be incorrect.

It tends to turn out that some historical figures were genuinely ridiculous spammers who put 4chan to guilt. Scroll down to see more!

During a hotel stay, Abraham Lincoln tricked a bunch of kids into tossing a pig's bladder into a fireplace for a prank. But his exploding bladder gag
Epic Acts Of Trolling From 12 Famous Folks
William Buckland introduced most of the world to dinosaur fossils. He also introduced Oxford College to bat poop. Buckland was batsh*t crazy for using
Probably out of boredom of being great at, like, everything, Da Vinci decided to make his own dragon. He took lizard a and transformed it into a drago
Epic Acts Of Trolling From 12 Famous Folks
Virginia Woolf and some friends wore fake beards and costumes to scam being Abyssinian princes in order to take a tour of a British dreadnought. The r
Taking advantage of his mad genius persona, Nikola Tesla found a way to ditch a massive hotel bill Instead of cash, he offered the hotel a bogus deat
Joseph Stalin was the original Instagram troll. Masal PY su Louston je He loved to write random crude comments, and other jokes directed at his Bolshe
While attending Harvard, William Randolph Hearst would throw crazy political parties filled with wagons of beer, fireworks, and full brass bands. Afte
Hitchcock had a thing for inviting people he considered arrogant and pompous to dinner parties in order to drive them psycho. He would do things like
Before pulling much bigger pranks, like the classic I'll steal your life's work without credit gag, Edison started with much smaller ones, such as m
Singer Adriana Ferrarese del Bene had no idea what was coming her way when she made Amadeus Mozart's shit list. After noticing that Adriana sang high
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