We revere heroes for their great feats of skill and good deeds to society. Our heroes are held to a higher plane of existence than us mere mortals. Batman isn't supposed to kill, even though Bruce Wayne sure would like to. Captain America isn't a deserter, even though after our third tour, we sure thought about it. That's why they're the heroes, and we're the ones getting our cars and houses smashed in as collateral damage in a climatic fight. Apparently all those good deeds are accompanied by a host of crimes that would put any normal person in jail. See, only Superman is the most truly infalliable superhero, a god-like being who would go out of his way to never hurt an innocent…that is, until Zack Snyder came along and made him do roughly seven 9/11s. 

We asked you to show us the rap sheets of pop culture's most heroic figures, and gave $200 to the winner ...

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