25 Movie Heroes That Broke Laws

All those heroic deeds are accompanied by a host of crimes that would put any normal person in jail.
25 Movie Heroes That Broke Laws

We revere heroes for their great feats of skill and good deeds to society. Our heroes are held to a higher plane of existence than us mere mortals. Batman isn't supposed to kill, even though Bruce Wayne sure would like to. Captain America isn't a deserter, even though after our third tour, we sure thought about it. That's why they're the heroes, and we're the ones getting our cars and houses smashed in as collateral damage in a climatic fight. Apparently all those good deeds are accompanied by a host of crimes that would put any normal person in jail. See, only Superman is the most truly infalliable superhero, a god-like being who would go out of his way to never hurt an innocent…that is, until Zack Snyder came along and made him do roughly seven 9/11s. 

We asked you to show us the rap sheets of pop culture's most heroic figures, and gave $200 to the winner ...

Throughout The Dark Batman collects evidence and dapprehends numerous suspects numerous at the behest of police Gordon. In reality this would create a
CRACKED.COM Clark Kent and Lois driving to the diner in Superman Wait... .Clark's driving? T I guess that woUlD make sense for Clark's everyday life..
CRACKED.COM As that boy's father, I refuse to press charges! That's great, but the state Of New York js the one pressing charges and we have more than
At the ripe old age of 16, Frances Baby Houseman engages in an affair with dance instructor Johnny Castle... Too bad the age of consent is 17 in the
CRAGKEDCOM Police cannot shoot unarmed suspects who are fleeing or do not pose a dangerous threat.
Sodomy laws were not removed from Wyoming's lawbooks until 1982, the year after Brokeback's story ends. CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM LIVE I am issuing an arrest warrant for the masked vigilante known as Spiderman. PCYUNE DVLOO AICAAIS NYPD INVESTIGATES BRIDGE INCIDENT
INTERPOL does not send officers into countries to arrest individuals. CRACKED COR
Under New York's anti-masking laws, these two shouldn't have been allowed out in public together. A
Yes, that iS indeed a knife. And if you're re not a citizen you can't carry them in NYC.
The Justice League broke several international treaties when they put a base on the moon and a weapon of mass destruction in space.
CONTEMPT: his refusal to move to a retirement home in defiance of a court order ILLEGAL ENTRY: PROPERTYDAMAGE: Carl Fredricksen his violation of nuff
But there's RULEBOOK that says nothing in the they can't! SOMS NO DOGS ALLOWED IN LIBRARY Nevermind that there are age and other minimums that must al
CRACKEDEOM While three bachelors raising a baby makes for 8os comedic mayhem, it is a Class E Felony in the State of New York to abandon a child under
CRACKED.COM In andiceion tuNIiceneed ROlear FctarS and vilations of EPA reguiatiams, tie Ghgstbusters: car, is egHiPpEd witk a Siren desnice Sec. 325-
Turns out it's illegal to arm civil aircraft. es Even if it weren't, it's also illegal to release anything from one. (Like a projectile and/or missile
If she says NO, it's still rape - even if Ayn Rand says the woman wanted it CRACKEDOON
In the .2003 Star Wars The Clone Wars movie Obi-Wan pretends to surrender while Anakin finds a way to penetrate enemy lines. I don t know about the ST
CRACKED.COM Firing Hold it, ILLEGAL your Keanu! gun into the air is in most US states Even if you're going AAAAHH!
GRACKED.COM Air is divided into classes of airspace as far as the law goes. Living in New Yor... er... Metropolis, Superman would routinely pass throu
Broke out of jail to prove your innocence? Too bad, you have to go right back... Just ask this guy Framed for murders he didn't commit, Michael Pardue
white collar criminals -WJ- WAYNE ENTERPRISES STARK INDUSTRIES use of company property for personal benefit is theft unauthorised, personal use of cor
Dan in Real Life pumping his own gasoline in New Jersey? tsk tsk tsk. CRACKED.COM
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