These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows

These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows

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Purveyors of family-friendly entertainment know that for every enthralled kid drinking in their show, there's also usually a bored adult in the room. So sometimes they sneak in jokes and references that only grownups will get.

Because of that, there's some decidedly adult humor in kid-oriented fare, just way more often than you realized.

Shoutout to ShortUsername01 for reminding us that these moments exist.

Entry by carpdonut

HReK When introducing Snow White as the second unmarried princess in the Bachelorette sequence, The Magic Mirror comments that despite living with sev

Entry by E. J. Diaz

CRACKEDcO OOSMOsS JONES takes place inside a human body, but kids might have trouble getting this joke. OUR FOUNDER There is with a scene a monument t

Entry by carpdonut

CRACKEDCON The AMAZING WORLD OF GOMBFLLL takes fruitporn to a whole different level when Gumball catches Banana Joe watching a very suggestive video w

Entry by ElCartero

As a truck rumbles past Riley's room... PIXAR Dug INSIDE OUT What was that? Was There are no bears it a bear? It's a bear! in San Francisco! I sa

Entry by Alexius08

ROBOS Dules Dab The Copperbottoms receive a ready-to-assemble robot baby. Herb just missed its delivery, but Lydia assures him that making the baby i


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