These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows

Turns out those ‘family’ movies and shows were a lot more hardcore than you thought.
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows

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Purveyors of family-friendly entertainment know that for every enthralled kid drinking in their show, there's also usually a bored adult in the room. So sometimes they sneak in jokes and references that only grownups will get.

Because of that, there's some decidedly adult humor in kid-oriented fare, just way more often than you realized.

Shoutout to ShortUsername01 for reminding us that these moments exist.

These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
CRACKEDG COM Aaddin an the NG ING o HITVES The Earth starts shaking during the wedding of Aladdin and Jasmine. Genie responds with: I thought the Ear
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
In Young Justice, when Artemis doesn't have her weapons with her, she has this to say: I feel naked, and not in a fun way.
In Cars 2, the villains (Lemons) have a little celebration. You know, a LEMON PARTY. Isn't this a great party, Ivan? The Pixar movie snuck in a refere
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
CRICY In Sailor Moon, during an argument over who gets the leading role in a play, Jupiter asserts that she has the most talent, while also pushing
CRACKED Zootopia makes a pretty sneaky Sex joke. Bunnies are good at multiplying.
THE MUSIC MAN The wholesome slice of nostalgia contains the comedic song The Sadder, But Wiser Girl which is basically about being only interested i
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
CRACKEDc From Coco: And her... knuckles they drag on the floor. Those aren't the words! Yes, that's a There tits joke in are a Pixar children movie.
In Toy Story, Woody calls Buzz's laser a blinking little bulb. Mr. Potato Head then explains that Woody just has laser envy. CRACKED.COM
HReK When introducing Snow White as the second unmarried princess in the Bachelorette sequence, The Magic Mirror comments that despite living with sev
Here's a tale of two middle finger jokes in cartoons. A Tale Of Two Kitties did this one first, in 1942... GIVE ME THE BIRD! Give me the bird. If th
Remember that time Sid tried to... uhhh... IEEAGER DAWN CL DINOSAURS OE milk a ram? CRACKED COM
CRAGKEDDOONN In an episode of The Fainty Odd Parents, Timmy walks past his parents and says, faiyye PaRehTs NICKELODEON I'M GONNA TAKE THESE PAPER
Not satisfied with just one dirty joke, Batman: The Brave and The Bold throws an entire CRA musical barrage of them in the song Birds of Prey'. It g
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
CRACKEDcO OOSMOsS JONES takes place inside a human body, but kids might have trouble getting this joke. OUR FOUNDER There is with a scene a monument t
The Whos in THE GRINCH are SWINGERS! The annual Whoville Christmas party is actually a KEY PARTY, a popular game played by wife swappers. CRACKEDOON
CRACKED.coM 'KING LEER! oiy Gpink, Forible In Coraline, this poster is on Spink and Forcible's wall. Yes, that's a burlesque version of a Shakespeare
There's an STD reference in A Series of Unfortunate Events. When asked where he studied herpetology, Count Olat replies: I don't know anything about
During a song about history in Pinky and the Brain Pinky mentions a certain hetis Mes e Bfgal * wile Mak la Vi A IEEMACIR CENETRE former governor of A
CRACKEDCON The AMAZING WORLD OF GOMBFLLL takes fruitporn to a whole different level when Gumball catches Banana Joe watching a very suggestive video w
There's a masturbation joke in Rugrats. In the episode Give and Take, Phil is worried that Chuckie is paying too much attention to his new toy, Mr.
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
As a truck rumbles past Riley's room... PIXAR Dug INSIDE OUT What was that? Was There are no bears it a bear? It's a bear! in San Francisco! I sa
There's an erectile dysfunction joke in Space Jam. Are there any other areas, beside basketball, where you find yourself... unable to perFORM? CRACK
CRACKED.COM JUSTIGE LERGUE Flash brags about being the fastest man alive. Hawkgirl responds: Which might explain why you can't get a date.
In Steven Universe, when Greg talks about cleaning out the storage garage, Amethyst f-handedly mentions that she has 'seen his junk before. CRACKED
The Cat in the Hat is briefly disappointed by this gardening tool. Dirty hoe! But immediately apologizes to it (AwW...). CRACKED COM
These 34 Filthy Jokes Are (Somehow) In Family Movies & Shows
ROBOS Dules Dab The Copperbottoms receive a ready-to-assemble robot baby. Herb just missed its delivery, but Lydia assures him that making the baby i


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