23 Famous Movie Plots Easily Solved by Text Messages


It's hard to watch pre-2000 movies without thinking about how often the plots could have been solved in five minutes if everybody had just had cell phones. We asked you to show us how some of our favorite movies would've played out if the characters had modern mobile phones. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by MsFish

23 Famous Movie Plots Easily Solved by Text Messages

Entry by blybug

OZ&Z nl_. 3G 6:47 PM Messages Glinda Edit btw, forgot to tell u... .click ur heels together 3 times and u can go home k thx CRAGKED Send

Entry by Alex Race

mill AT&T 2:15 AM 20% Messages 555-967-2930 Edit What's your favorite scary movie? Hey, who is this? Time is running out... Billy you asshole, I looke

Entry by Sksmith

#al.. Romat&t 3G 3:15 PM Messages Marcus Crassus Edit The guy with the butt chin is Spartacus. Finally! tyvm. GRACKEDCON Send

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