19 Classic TV Shows (If They Never Got Cancelled)


The internet raises hell over the cancellation of every good to halfway decent show, and even some bad ones created by people who were once involved with halfway decent shows. But decent to bad shows have been getting cancelled for years. We asked you to show us what it would look like if network executives had always been as loyal as the people who write letters to them and start petitions. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Scarin

IMDb All Movies TV News Videos Community IMDbPro App Bewitched a CTV Senies 1964-2012) Peritehed MDbPe NG 25 Comedy Emty Fatasy Your rating: /10 7.8 R

Entry by roguematt

CRACKED.COM mnehensisis

Entry by awit


Entry by Tim Babb

19 Classic TV Shows (If They Never Got Cancelled)

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