19 Roles Played Better By Somebody Else

19 Roles Played Better By Somebody Else

Some movies and shows are almost perfect. In some cases, there's an issue with historical accuracy or dialogue that absolutely flops. In these instances, our readers believe that the one thing keeping these films from being complete masterpieces is one actor who didn't quite fit in a pivotal role. We know, these movies were successful regardless, but we can't help but wonder what could have been. Who wouldn't want to see Laurence Fishburne as Mace Windu in Star Wars? Imagine how different Green Lantern would've been with Tom Cruise in the lead role instead of Ryan Reynolds. Would these have ended up as entirely different movies altogether? Maybe so. 

To that end, we asked our plasticians to remedy these situations by telling us the roles they think would've been better with another actor playing the part. Warning: Some of the suggestions are slightly unhinged, and proof that all decisions should not be left to the general public. 

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