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Let's face it, human brains are lazy. They're always looking for shortcuts, and because of that we make weird, usually mistaken assumptions about people we haven't met. All based on some small, random thing we observe at a glance.

We asked readers to show us the most random conclusions their brains jumps to, based on minuscule, inconsequential bits of information about people.

Entry by PookieJones

If I see a posed romantic photo on social media, I'll automatically think the couple isn't really happy. CRACKED

Entry by Knick-Knack

When I see raging homophobes... HOMOSENUALITY IS AN NEVER MISSES ABOMINATION GAY TO GOD a EVENT ALMIGHTY MEUTTICUS 78822 just naturally assume they're

Entry by Mike Kohnke

Whenever lCk RETA I see this, SPE I'd help if I knew wwwinic he was legit. HOMELESS SINGLE FATHER NEED MONEY fOR FAMILY But I always SPELIALISTS assum

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