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Pretty much everything you can buy is plastered with information. Some of it is useful, but most of it is clearly designed to trick people into buying stuff. So we asked our readers to cut through the marketing-speak by translating phrases that are all over common products.

The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by Sonny Time

How Products Use Fancy Language To Try And Trick People

Entry by docbtbone

INOBODY AMINOS ENDURANCE! BCAA 5591 STRENGHH FORA 100% RESEARCH BACKED' (In a scientific paper you won't understand assuming you get by the paywall.)

Entry by Sonny Time

HEINZ 1869 No Sugar Added TOMATO KETCHUP 10 NET WT29.50Z ARITRTEN HHEMATE EMSKEL HEE 1 13.5 OZ 835g CONTE4T We use an artificial sweetener, which has

Entry by MrWilson

Mixed Nuts MADE WTHPL SEA LESS THAN 50% PEANUTS SALT *EXACTLY 49.99% PEANUTS peanuts, dmorcs cashews. brood nuts hadhs & penrs CRACKED COM

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