Every Horrible Thing About Social Media, In Chart Form

Dear Social Media: Here’s why you’re terrible.
Every Horrible Thing About Social Media, In Chart Form

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Most media is social, these days. Which should be great, but is actually fairly nightmarish. We asked readers to create charts documenting the exact way social media websites are awful. Who knows, maybe they'll help somebody avoid the terribleness. Somebody else, that is. It's definitely too late for us.

2 MEDIA ON SOCIAL FRIENDS Friends People who you actually know GRAGKEDCOM People who actually know you and care about you
WHEN POLITICAL NEWS IS POSTED ON reddit Liberals bemoaning the collapse of the republie Conservatives reveling in liberal tears People who actually re
Reasons you decide to check social media Frequency Look up Avoid Um... [stalkl awkward phone was someone eye contact nearby Reasons CRACKEDCON
Web Forums -People seeking new viewpoints and opinions outside of their comfort zone. -People looking to confirm a pre-existing bias. CRACKED.CON
6 O Search Breakdown of your News Feed People Pics you've of People NEVER food you met met Ads ONCE People Selfies being ANGRY Stuff you actually care
What Instagram promises: Friends sharing intimate glimpses into their lives, allowing them to grow closer in a weary world. What it delivers: Models w
JERKS MET BY LOCATION 60 50 40 30 JER 20 10 Home Work Commute Social Media LOCATION CRACKEDCON
WHAT YOU'RE EXPOSED TO ON FACEBOOK. Clickbait. Ads for sites you were just on. Agitators placing false equivalencies on totally unrelated events, not
How you spend your time scrolling through social media Looking at memes Wondering Stalking where the people last three hours went & why youfre still s
Do you post social on media? YES NO Congrats, Do you vent have about how you life. much a your life sucks? Your self- YES NO restraint is admirable. D
tinder Who are you going to meet? People who are really into adventures People not sure why they are on here Obviously stolen picures of Instagram m
A quick guide to how often FACEBOOK reactions are used sarcastically! CRAUN 100 50 Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
Notifications you receive using the Youtube app. Channels your child subscribed to because she was ordered to if she wanted them to keep making videos
CRACKED.COM ETERNALCYCLEOF SOCIAL IVIEDIA Read something stupid. Get a reply Get even more really stupid than the angry. original post. Contain Finall
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