Keeping healthy might be one of the biggest bullshit routines we're faced with these days. Not only do we have to deal with an industry that can't seem to come to a consensus about the best ways to keep humans from falling apart, but we're also apparently designed with a will power that's about as durable as a delicious Pop Tart.

For example ...

Entry by PollyDarton

1. Try intermittent fasting 2. Experience drop in blood sugar. n B! Reward yourself for the hardest 8 hours of your life.

Entry by Anna_Katra

1. 2:45 AM Can't sleep after late night work and too much coffee. 2. 4:10 AM Swear to quit caffeine and start a healthy new life tomorrow. 3. 7:30 AM

Entry by Karin Coburn

1. Cut out desserts and sweets in order to live healthier. 2. Do well for two weeks. 3. Fail when favorite brownies are Brought as a birthday treat. C

Entry by mtbutta

1 Join ROck gyi 2. Test skills in wild

Entry by Joyce Rogers

20 Attempts To Get Healthy That Fall Apart In Three Steps

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