Mom's are great. Outside of that whole "giving us life" thing, they actually know a thing or two -- so they can give some great advice. Unfortunately, they can also give some hilariously awful advice.

These are the latter.

Entry by Ashebox

CRACKED.OON I am not buying you tampons, they will break your virginity Mom

Entry by Lolly~

CRACKED c COM NEVER leave the house without makeup on. -In other words, never have confidence in yourself.

Entry by SketchSays

CRACKEDCON it's COOL Son, Mom: downs me hand: to wear relative. a female from the difference. tell can No one Kids at school You and Ms. Makelski a

Entry by Melidy

CRACKED You dow't need tD Learn how to cook MDW, you'll learn by yourself wher you've older. -I was 13 whew I asked wuy wow to tead we. I aw 32 and

Entry by Karen Jones

Don't tach yarsef down there, it's disgusting! -my mom, instilling a lifetime of sexral repression in me, at age seven

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