"I wonder what the screenwriter was smoking?" and "Who thought Shia LaBeouf would be a good casting choice here?" have often been overheard around the Cracked offices water cooler the morning after Movie Night. Thanks to secret FBI data-recovering techniques we've learned of the conversations that led to some of the bizarre decisions made during the production. Surprisingly enough, blackmail isn't always involved.

Entry by Joh20XD6

sal. AT&T3G 9:41 AM 97% Messages David S Goyer Edit I got your new draft to the Batman V Superman script and I have some issues with it wrote Joker ou

Entry by exbelle

CRACKEDCON ...00 AT&T 9:41 AM 50 % Messages Mom Contact Today 8:32 AM CANNOT BELIEVE YOU FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY Oh god, I'm SO sorry Mom! You better make

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