Apparently, this eBay business is huge. But not nearly as huge as the ripping-people-off-on-eBay business. Yes, misleading pictures, tricky language and exorbitant shipping sums have screwed people out of money time and time again.

We asked you to take a stab at photoshopping a vision of eBay where everyone had to tell the truth, even eBay. The winner of this week's cash prize is below, but first the runners up:

Entry by Mauso

Questions from other members Question & Answer Q: WVhat does like new mean? A: Thirteen scratches, two dents, and my dog tried to have Sex with it.

Entry by Pwalex

If Everyone on eBay Was Forced to be Honest

Entry by Free_Sample

Vintage Pair Of Solid Brass Candlesticks that have been in my ass Seller of this ifem? Sian in for your status Watch this item in My eBay Starting bid

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