Unlike network TV, the box office has survived the writer's strike just fine so far. But that's only because it takes longer to make a movie than a TV show, and it won't last forever.

If nothing gets resolved, what will next year's Oscar nominees look like? We offered a prize to whoever has the Photoshop skills to tell us. The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by peedsllab

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE2 SHE COULDN'T SLEEP HE DIDN'T HAVE ABED The most vulgar sex acts I've seen all yeart -Roger Ebert OSA I almase he -LiD thou dh

Entry by Joe Russo

Next Year's Oscar Nominees (If the Strike Doesn't End)

Entry by Sanchez .

egie ATLE THOT AH oub HIT could. but it fucking shouidn't have. E pire oh my God. - Wall Street Journal ***** CRACKED.coM Fangoria VEPO DREAMWORR

Entry by Danger1

holy shit!! this is awesome! -Roger Ebert B ujorid inside the computer uuhere Man has npveg been. Never. 551GTO TO 5E5165 DEKETOD TOMER Dene AUSEERG

Entry by MadPiper6

PAC They can't move. He can't stop. 12.4.08 CRACKED.com

Entry by fancytaco

Wait, What?. Roger Ebert You really lost us W hen Dr Caligari dry humped Nosferatu - Time Magazine NOT another German Expressionism movie VALERIE PRRI

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