A game called Grand Theft Auto IV came out a couple of days ago (you can Google it). It took years to make and reportedly cost $100 million. We don't know what ideas came and went during development, but we're betting some of them were pretty retarded.

We asked you to Photoshop some of them, and the winning entry is below. But first, the runners-up:

Entry by Waldo

gRanD EBSS Plead (the theft Fitth autOIV 800430000 whitecollar CRIME Busted 5 FOR whitie PEOPLE) a C 0G CRACKED.cOM

Entry by blemm

05:26 900080BBY BUSTED N Looks like you're all tied up! CRACKED.cOM

Entry by bmhouser

15:42 500595576 012097 3946-20 LR LCPD OVECHKI B CRACKED.COM

Entry by anlight

mission 17 GivB dr. dre a PROSGate exam CRACKED.cOM

Entry by themikeflynn

CRACKED.HO 2:41 Dad's JJUEE 5 456 125 AEDI Let's ask giRL NICTAIV for heft Directions! auto N

Entry by Wodowick

on INGERAGG With WORID Ghrough FingerPupp PuPPeG :2M-7 Femaining CRACKED.COM

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