13 Hometown Heroes With Complicated Relationships with Their Hometown

13 Hometown Heroes With Complicated Relationships with Their Hometown

Whether we move away or stay local, we all have a bit of a love-hate relationship with our hometown. But for actors, musicians, and artists… That relationship is next level complicated. Especially because a lot of them moved away for a reason. Their artsy vibe might’ve had them relegated to the drama club or the school band which (as countless movies have shown us) isn’t typically “accepted” by the high school status quo. Some talented folks are itching to escape. They toss their grad caps up, and don’t even wait for it to fall before they run for the next bus outta town.

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If they never make it big, there could be a few whispers from former classmates in the years to come. “Whatever happened, to so and so?” “Oh, I heard he’s living in New York with 6 other adult roommates, still trying to book spots in insurance commercials.” But if they become household names… Will the hometown crowd rush to the tabloids about what a tool they were, or will they all of a sudden claim them as “The pride of (insert random ass town here)?” Whatever the case, these 13 hometown heroes have complicated relationships with their hometown.

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