Tell Us Now: Interesting Facts About Your Hometown

Tell Us Now: Interesting Facts About Your Hometown

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's an interesting fact about your hometown?” We were excited to hear from people all over the world and surprised by how many of you live in the same place as serial killers. Here are 21 strange but fun hometown facts…

TELL US NOW. A BRAND-NEW OLD TOWN WARSAW, POLAND Adam P. informs US, Warsaw's Old Town was completely destroyed by Germans during the Second World War. Once the war was finished, it was rebuilt and made to look as it did before. So the 'Old Town' was actually much newer

TELL US NOW. BIRTHPLACE OF THE COCA-COLA BOTTLE TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA HAUTE VIGO h Pre ERRE BIRTHPLACE OF THE DINBOTTLES!! COCA-COLA CONTOUR BOTTLE Colleen S. informed US that the Root Glass Company in Terre Haute created the iconic bottle for the Coca-Cola Company.

TELL US NOW. FUTURE MARS ROVER'S HOMETOWN STEVENAGE, HERTFORDSHIRE, UK Craig P. shares, They are currently building the new Mars Rover here ... It's odd to know something from my town will be on Mars. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. HOME TO DRACULA SIGHISOARA, ROMANIA Alex D. tells US, It's where the historic figure (Vlad Tepes) on which Dracula is based was born. And it's a neat little European town with typical medieval architecture.

TELL US NOW. FUNNIEST SLOGAN OTTAWA, CANADA CRYs Ottawa's new slogan: technically beautiful' Bobby B. shares, Our old slogan was 'Technically Beautiful.'

TELL US NOW. THE CANOE CARNIVAL MEDFORD LAKES, NEW JERSEY 11 DRY DOCKS 2011 GAGA WEK TW 11 Meredith L. describes, It's basically a ht-time parade where the floats are built on platforms built on two canoes (floats literally float). They have sound, lights, and moving parts. The town's population

TELL US NOW. JOHNNY APPLESEED'S BIRTHPLACE LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS Mike T. shares, My hometown is the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed AND...the birthplace of the plastic lawn flamingo.

TELL US NOW. ELEPHANT MURDER KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Paul K. shares, In 1916, an elephant killed a circus keeper in my town, and they hung it for murder in a town about 30 minutes away.

TELL US NOW. STRAWBERRY PARADISE HUMBOLDT, TENNESSEE Johnny G. tells US, In the early 20th century, Humboldt, TN--where I grew up--grew more strawberries than anywhere else in the world. While the crop was declining, they started holding this annual Strawberry Festival every May. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. TERRORIZED BY TV HEAD MAN HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINIA Shane H. offers, A year or two ago a man with a TV on his head started putting TVs on a bunch of people's doorsteps. Nobody knows why or who they were, but 'TV Head Man' is about the

TELL US NOW. THE BLUES BROTHERS' CHASE SCENE HARVEY, ILLINOIS JEWELL Randy G. shares his hometown's claim to fame, The Blues Brothers filmed their big chase scene through the shopping mall in Harvey.

TELL US NOW. PEACH-SHAPED WATER TOWER GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA Ron says, Prime peach growing area, we have a water tower shaped like a peach. The Frank Underwood character in Netflix's House of Cards is from Gaffney, You can often see a pic of the water town on his office wall.

TELL US NOW. HOME TO FENDER GUITARS FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA anmm Paul M. tells US, 1938: A man named Leo Fender opens a radio repair shop. He also repaired and modified PA systems for local musicians. In 1948, his experience helps him build his first prototype for an electric guitar. Fender

TELL US NOW. SHOOTING IN THE NEW YEAR CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA I O02e de mdon Stephanie G. explains, Every year a group spends New Years going around the town's boundaries shooting muskets, carrying on the tradition that their ancestors started to drive out evil spirits and bless the town for

TELL US NOW. WORLD'S OLDEST RECORD SHOP CARDIFF, SOUTH WALES EPlLES RICORDS EST 94 Diba B LALCK Matt B. informs US that Spillers Records was Mestablished 1894 and still trading.

TELL US NOW. BIRTHPLACE OF THE BURRITO JUAREZ, MEXICO There's multiple origin stories for the beloved burrito, but one Cracked reader claims it originated in their hometown, adding, You're welcome, The World.

TELL US NOW. FIRST DEPARTMENT STORE SANTA BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS Melanie also shares, I think we still also hold the Guinness World Records record for most people wearing Santa hats in one place!!!

TELL US NOW. A MAYOR FIT FOR THE CIRCUS BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Jesse L. tells US, P.T. Barnum, as in Barnum & Bailey Circus, was our mayor. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. THE ENDING OF THE SOPRANOS BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY Brian B. shares, Bloomfield, New Jersey, is where the final scene of The Sopranos takes place. The mayor of the town got to read an advanced copy of the script.

TELL US NOW. HOME TO THE YORKSHIRE RIPPER BINGLEY, WEST YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM Rose-Ann S. says, My mum went to school with his sister, my sister dated his brother. When I went to high school I found out that one of my teachers had a friend who was his victim.

TELL US NOW. THE DIAGONAL CITY LA PLATA, ARGENTINA Manu L. explains, There is an avenue every six blocks (each block is 100 meters). Where two avenues cross each other, there is a park (some are small but all are full of trees). From each park at least two diagonal


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