12 TV Shows That Were Canceled at the Dumbest Possible Time

12 TV Shows That Were Canceled at the Dumbest Possible Time

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You know the feeling… You found a show that you can’t get enough of, but its dumb network got its fill. Unless you have millions of dollars to personally fund future episodes, it’s dead in the water, and you don’t get to witness the satisfying ending that the show deserves! Talk about plotline blue balls. Can we say that? I guess we’ll see if our editors have the balls to keep it! If not, all good, we’re more than happy to rewrite it.

Please don’t fire us.

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Anywho… We’re here to tell you that we feel your pain. Because, as fans, we too wanted better for these shows. Everyone involved must’ve felt like the rug was pulled out from under them. They were on a roll. They were making quality work that seemed to be hit with audiences and executives alike, then boom! Pencils down, folks. Clean out your desks and report to your couches. These were 12 awesome shows with loyal fanbases, but the powers that be canceled them for the dumbest possible reasons at the dumbest possible times!  

Holy scenic blunder, Batman!

Canceled? Really? R BATMAN ABC decided not to renew the '60s series, but NBC offered to pick it up. ABC agreed but didn't tell the art/props department, so the sets were destroyed. NBC wasn't willing to build a whole new Batcave, so Batman met an untimely end. CRACKED

20th Century Television


Possibly the most intense fan outcry of all time.

Canceled? Really? THE OA #SavetheOA incited a flash mob and a hunger strike. Creator Brit Marling wrote, Your words move us deeply. Not because the show must continue, but because for some people its unexpected cancellation begs larger questions about the role of storytelling and its fate inside late capitalism's push toward consolidation and economies of scale. CRACKED



We know merch is important, but come on!

Canceled? Really? YOUNG JUSTICE Dubbed One of the most infamous cancellations in animated TV history, Cartoon Network canceled the high-quality show because it wasn't selling enough toys for Mattel. When Mattel canceled the toy line, it ended financing for the show. CRACKED

Cartoon Network


We know you have a lot going on, but listen to the fans, Amazon!

Canceled? Really? THE WILDS Hailed as one of Amazon Prime's best shows, and despite a loyal fanbase, it was abruptly canceled less than three months into Season 2. Fans have since launched a campaign to save the show. CRACKED

Amazon Studios


Just when it settled into a groove, it got the ax.

Canceled? Really? AMERICAN GODS Showrunner Bryan Fuller left after Season 1, then Starz fired Jesse Alexander during Season 2. The third showrunner, Charles Eglee, was a great fit, but Starz canceled the show just as it hit its stride. The constant changes hurt fan retention. CRACKED



Netflix reneged while filming!

Canceled? Really? GLOW Netflix green-lit the fourth and final season, but while filming it, they reversed their decision. The show had 15 Emmy noms and three wins, but the loyal fanbase won't get an ending. Alison Brie said, It's the great heartbreak of my career. CRACKED



‘Taxi’ was canceled right after it won a bunch of Emmys

Canceled? Really? ABC canceled CAUSE FOR COMMITAL DONT TAXI what WYNN for no good reason. The ratings were good, and it had 55 Emmy nominations with 27 wins. Creator James L. Brooks said, The one thing that's clear is that the network is saying to everybody, 'Don't think Emmys will do you any good when it comes to scheduling. CRACKED

Paramount Television

The Washington Post

Can these “freaks” and “geeks” be cooler?

Canceled? Really? - FREAKS AND GEEKS NBC gave it the dreaded Saturday night slot, then interrupted its run four times, making it impossible for fans to find it. Execs wished the characters were cooler, and canceled it just before a wave of shows about nerds and outcasts started becoming popular. CRACKED

DreamWorks Television


Hey Fox! Own your mistake, and give the show a chance!

Canceled? Really? FIREFLY Fox released the episodes out of order, which confused fans enough to stop watching. Then they canceled it due to low ratings. A writer said, They lost me in that 1st episode. I didn't see the rest until years later on DVD, and it was a hidden gem! CRACKED


Media Cake/Medium

ABC could’ve been on the right side of history.

Canceled? Really? The decline of ELLEN after Ellen came out. The ratings were higher than ever, but the show dealt with severe backlash from anti-gay organizations and concerned parents, and it had to add a parental advisory. ABC said it focused too much on gay issues and canceled it instead of standing behind Ellen. CRACKED

Warner Bros. Television

Showbiz CheatSheet

Praise from fans and critics wasn’t enough.

Canceled? Really? 1899 Critics dubbed it the best series on Netflix, and thousands of die-hard fans signed a petition to save it from the chopping block. Co-creator Baran bo Odar had no idea why, but had to apologize to fans that he couldn't give them the ending they wanted. CRACKED

Dark Ways


Bit “all or nothing” wouldn’t you say, CBS?

Canceled? Really? The great Rural Purge of 1971 With Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mayberry R.F.D, and Hee-Haw, CBS was dubbed, The Country Broadcasting System and the Hillbilly Network. They canceled them all. Actor Pat Buttram said, It was the year CBS killed everything with a tree in it. CRACKED


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