12 Iconic Performances Fueled by Pure Hate

Revenge is a dish best served by your butler… Since you got massively successful because of it.
12 Iconic Performances Fueled by Pure Hate

Motivation can come from anywhere, and unless you’re a Buddhist monk, spite, revenge, or just plain hatred can get anybody fired up to succeed. Since you’re being compared to or even pitted against others in your field, competition can breed greatness or expose the fact that, sadly, you might not belong in that arena. These people though, they used their disdain for the competition to just blow them right out of the water. 

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Good on ‘em. They were wronged (or felt wronged at least), and they didn’t crumble under the pressure. They tightened those laces, and readied themselves for battle, those resilient little retaliators. Now that we think about it, The Retaliator could actually be a great movie title. It could either go The Gladiator route, or The Terminator route. You be the judge. Anywho… By the looks of it, these now-iconic acting, sporting, or musical performances were fueled by pure hate (and we all benefited in the process). Yay!

The inspiration for John Leguizamo’s performance as a narcissistic has-been actor

GRACKED JOHN LEGUIZAMO WAS INSPIRED BY HIS HATE FOR STEVEN SEAGAL As a narcissistic has-been actor in The Menu, he said I used Steven Seagal, because I hate him. Не had a bad run-in with the horrible human on Executive Decision. The Menu now has 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics praise his performance.

Insider / Marca 

Wanna bail on us, franchise player?

CRACKED THE CAVS GET REVENGE ON LEBRON. NOA 6 Fans hated Lebron when he left Cleveland for the Miami Heat, and in his return to face the Cavs, he got 38 points and won 118-90. In their last bout of the season, the underdog Cavs played inspired basketball, and beat the Heat 102-90.

AP News

Never thought we’d hear “Shakira” and “diss track” in the same sentence.

CRACKED SHAKIRA'S RECORD-SETTING DISS TRACK. After 12-year boyfriend Gerard Pique cheated on her, she dropped the song Out of Your League, which hit 63 million YouTube views in 24 hours - setting a record for most viewed Latin song in a single day.

Telegraph India / Today 

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