15 Bizarre Habits Of Incredibly Successful People

15 Bizarre Habits Of Incredibly Successful People

“What is the secret to your success?” is the first question on anyone's mind whenever they get a chance to interview a millionaire, a musician, a billionaire, a Hollywood celebrity,  or a trillionaire. We love to think that there is some method, some habit, some skill that they hone in order to achieve the greatness and success that they enjoy. Sometimes it's getting a good night's rest and making sure you eat a healthy breakfast every day. Other times it's swimming naked in the nearby river each morning and handing out fake mustaches to your friends from a cigarette case.

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. And after reading the super odd habits of some of the most successful people on planet Earth, it's easy to see where that sentiment comes from. While we won't say conclusively that being a weirdo is the key to success, we will say that maybe letting your freak flag fly isn't all that bad of a thing.

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