15 Harrowing Last Words of Famous Comedians

15 Harrowing Last Words of Famous Comedians

When someone passes, people typically want to know about their last words. It feels like we can see those final words written on the last page of the novel that is their life. We begin to imagine, “What will our last words be? Will something profound that we’ve learned in this life roll off our tongue, and perfectly sum up our hopefully 100 plus years on this wet rock?” We can romanticize them all we want, but as you’ll see on this list, the setting and circumstances of a person’s last day was nothing like they’d imagined. Our advice… Keep an open mind.

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These were some of the funniest, most prolific comedians who ever graced the mic. Whether they were the bright and bubbly sort, or the “tortured soul,” they all experienced some wondrous, that had us green with envy. There’s a ton of video evidence to back that up. They lived. Oh how they lived. That was our positive spin on the obviously not-so peachy conclusions. 

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. Some had these incredibly upbeat sign-offs, and some even went out with a joke. What better ending can a comedian hope for? Like a freedom fighter goin’ out on the frontlines. So, let’s take a moment to remember the happiness they helped spread ‘round the world before delving into these last harrowing words from these 15 late, great comedy icons.

You didn’t have to idolize Belushi to this extent, Chris.

CRACKED CHRIS FARLEY His words are eerily similar to his idol, John Belushi's. Не said, Don't leave me to a sex worker, who not only left him, but took pictures of him laying there, and stole his watch.

Youtube / WPR 

A night like any other.

CRACKED ROBIN WILLIAMS The night he took his own life in 2014, his wife Susan Schneider said his final words to her were, Goodnight, my love.

Goss.ie / EW 

Bill Hicks had finally started to soften up his edges.

CRACKED BILL HICKS Bill wrote his last words to the world: I'd been making such progress recently in my attitude, my career and realizing my dreams that it just stood me on my head for a while. Why me!? I would cry out, and Why now!? I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.

Tumblr / BBC 

Gilbert Gottfried went out defending Chris Rock.

CRACKED GILBERT GOTTFRIED Не used his last public message to support and defend Chris Rock. After the Oscars slap, he posted a pic of him and Rock on Instagram with the caption, Which is the worst crime? Chris Rock being physically assaulted or Chris Rock telling a joke?

Marca / Yahoo 

One final joke before he was unable to speak.

CRACKED DUSTIN DIAMOND His doctors had just told him the slightest scratch could cause him to bleed to death, so he told his friend Dan Block, When I swallow my throat hurts... but like something dropped honey on the bed sheet, not even the floor, not my jeans, so it's five second rule... yeah  0.0005 second rule could kill me.

The Sun / BBC 

A not-so romantic ending to a highly romanticized lifestyle.

CRACKED JOHN BELUSHI Не said Just don't leave me alone to friend and fellow addict Cathy Smith, who injected him with the lethal speedball. Then, she did leave him alone - and would spend 15 months in jail for manslaughter.

Youtube / Grunge 

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