12 Bonkers Facts About Probability And Statistics

Turns out, you have a higher chance of dying on your birthday.
12 Bonkers Facts About Probability And Statistics

Ah, probability and statistics! The two fields of mathematics that have puzzled and intrigued us for centuries. From the ancient Greeks trying to explain the odds of winning at dice games to the modern day statisticians trying to predict the outcomes of elections, probability and statistics have both been the source of endless fascination... along with their close cousins, lies and damned lies (which we won't be covering in this or probably any other list, as it would be not unlike trying to sample the ocean with a thimble).

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But did you know that there are some bonkers facts about probability and statistics that you may not have heard of? That's right - from the risk of dying on your birthday to the chance of finding a doppelganger, this list of 12 bonkers facts about probability and statistics might blow your mind. So, if you're ready, let's dive into the weird and wonderful world of probability and statistics.

Lefties: 1, Righties: 0.

CRACKED LEFT-HANDEDNESS IN SPORTS Lefties have a statistical advantage in sports that involve direct one-on-one interaction, like baseball, tennis, and boxing. This is because they are a bit of a surprise, since most opponents aren't used to facing someone who is left-handed.


Lightning strikes: One in a million chance, 90% survival rate.

CRACKED GETTING STRUCK BY LIGHTNING It's really unlikely that you'll get hit by lightning in any given year - almost a one-in-a-million chance. Most people who do get struck by lightning make it out alive, with around 90% of them surviving.

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Orange you glad you're out of Jail?

CRACKED SUPER NT ROAD BISHOPSGATE MAYF BOUR 1. KINGS ROAD COLLECT €600k 2. KE £2M AS YOU PASS EMM GO MONOPOLY In the US version of Monopoly, the orange group of properties - St James Place, Tennessee Avenue, and New York Avenue - are statistically the likeliest spots for players to land when they get out of Jail. So: buy those.


No doppelganger? No worries.

CRACKED DOPPELGANGERS The chances of having an exact twin are pretty slim - only one in 135. But if you look at the bigger picture - attributes like the overall shape of your face-it's more likely that you have a doppelganger out there.


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