12 Highly-Respected Icons Who Didn't Exactly Go Out on Top

12 Highly-Respected Icons Who Didn't Exactly Go Out on Top

As we all know, retirement is kind of a tricky thing. It's a time to reflect on a life of accomplishments and to look forward to a new chapter of life... or just to finally go "Hell yes I'm done," and put your feet up. But anyway, for some people, retirement is as elusive as a unicorn, as they just can't seem to stay away from their beloved career or craft... even when they stick around past their prime and end up ruining their rep. This list is a tribute to, slash cautionary tale about, those who just couldn't resist the temptation to keep going, even when it cost them. 

From Muhammad Ali, who couldn't resist the chance to fight one last time, to Marlon Brando, whose bad attitude towards producers and directors ended up hurting his reputation, these people kept going despite the risks. We've got those, and plenty more, in this list.

John Paul II: Unstoppable.

GRACKED Pope John Paul II John Paul II was Pope for over two decades, and even though he got ill with Parkinson's, he wouldn't step down from his position - even when everyone could tell he was clearly very sick.

The Guardian / BBC 

Sinatra: "I'll be back."

GRACKED Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra was a helluva big deal in American music history, but he kept singing well after his best years had passed. Не retired in 1971, but couldn't stay away from singing, and came back to performing two years later.

AP News / NPR 

Retired... again.

GRACKED Jordan Michael Jordan Jordan retired for the last time in 2003 after playing for the Washington Wizards, three years after he had retired from the Chicago Bulls, for the second time. Не was not exactly in his prime at that point.


"The Greatest" couldn't resist, but it cost him.

GRACKED 0 KAT 15 Muhammad Ali Ali had the chance to retire from boxing at the top of his game after winning in 1978 against Leon Spinks, but he couldn't stay away and continued fighting in 1980 and 1981. These fights ended up hurting his reputation.

SMH / LA Times 

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