12 Celebrities Who Let Their Freak Flags Fly On Bizarre Overseas Projects

12 Celebrities Who Let Their Freak Flags Fly On Bizarre Overseas Projects

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Suntory Boss Coffee

It’s a big world with a whole lot more people than the American population alone. This is something that the managers and agents of America’s biggest celebrities know all too well. You can hear that phone call now. “Hey, Snoop Dogg. It’s me, your agent. There’s this German prepaid mobile company that needs you to pop out of a fridge singing in German. You in?” Spoiler alert: Snoop was in. And it’s just an all-around strange ad. Can you blame him though? He’s not just for American eyes and ears. Germans love Snoop, and probably topped up those mobile minutes because of him.

We all got a chuckle out of Joey Tribbiani’s Japanese commercial “Ichiban: Lipstick For Men.” But his quote, “Now remember, I got paid a lot of money for this, and it only aired in Japan,” says it all. If an actor gets flown out to far off lands for a big pay day, who cares if it’s an odd, embarrassing piece of footage? No one in America is going to see it, right? Well, come to think of it, Joey’s comment was uttered in a pre-YouTube world. Luckily for us, we now get to see these 12 celebrities in their very odd overseas projects.

OK, Tommy Lee Jones, how do you feel about laser eyes?

Celebrity overseas gigs TOMMY LEE JONES' Suntory Boss coffee ad As a strict teacher in a pretty funny ad for Japan's #1 canned coffee brand, he uses special powers (like shooting laser beams out of his eyes) to keep Japanese students in line. Не mostly just has to scowl, so he completely nails it. CRACKED

Suntory Boss Coffee


It’s no Japanese men’s lipstick ad, but this feels like a strange choice.

Celebrity overseas gigs KATY PERRY's Japanese laundry ad For the Japanese laundry detergent Laundrin, Perry comes home and just loves slipping into a freshly laundered bathrobe to cook pancakes. CRACKED



Do all action stars think an Asian period piece is a slam dunk?

Celebrity overseas gigs Outcast with NICOLAS CAGE & HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN Filmed in China's Yunnan Province, Cage is at his craziest and Christensen is at his laziest as Crusades-era soldiers in this all-around brutal movie. With 4% on Rotten Tomatoes, it has the longest list of bad reviews. CRACKED


The Wrap

Hey, it was overseas for him!

Celebrity overseas gigs M MALCOLM McDOWELL's Lunchables ads Known for edgy roles in A Clockwork Orange and if..., we're not sure why the normally serious British actor came to America to film very silly commercials for Lunchables microwavable tacos. CRACKED

Kraft Heinz


Hostels can’t be gross if this Diva stays in them, right?

Celebrity overseas gigs MARIAH CAREY promotes Hostelworld To combat hostels' grimy perception, an ad for the Ireland-based company showed Carey staying in a hostel for a night, where she ends up having a pretty good time! CRACKED



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