11 Comedy Shows Ruined By Real-Life Bad Behavior

We just couldn’t separate the art from the artist.
11 Comedy Shows Ruined By Real-Life Bad Behavior

When we settle into a comedy, we want nothing but those warm, light hearted feelings. That’s what lets our guard down to then hit us with the laughs. And that doesn’t mean the comedy needs to be light-hearted. It can pack a serious punch, but we forgive them because we know it’s all in good fun. All in good fun, right guys?! Unfortunately, when we find out about despicable behavior behind the scenes, our guard goes right back up. It’s near-impossible to keep watching funny people once their dark secret comes to light.

There are real victims whose lives were forever impacted by these once lovable sitcom stars, so our enjoyment of these shows is last on the list of importance. There are plenty of amazing comedies that weren’t made by complete sociopathic monsters — barring any future allegations. Fingers crossed! These really just left bad tastes in our mouths. Especially knowing that they were committing these heinous acts on and off set while the shows were in full swing. That’s just icky. Here are 12 now-icky comedy shows forever tarnished by some real life bad behavior.

'Roseanne' may not have gotten 10 seasons if Twitter existed in the ’90s.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior Roseanne After her racist tweet likened Valerie Jarrett to an аре, the show's namesake was killed off with an opioid overdose. Roseanne might be dead, but The Conners currently live on in five seasons without her. CRACKED


The New York Times

One of Charlie Sheen’s many headlines in 2011.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior Two and a Half Men After Charlie Sheen went on an anti-semitic tirade about creator Chuck Lorre, his character Charlie Harper was hit by a subway train, and was replaced with Ashton Kutcher's character Walden Schmidt from seasons 9 through 12. CRACKED

Warner Bros. Television


2017 was not a good year for Louis C.K.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior Louie After multiple women accused Louis С.К. of sexual misconduct, FX ended their business partnership. His show was canceled, and the four FX shows he was producing (Better Things, Baskets, One Mississippi, and The Cops) moved on without him. CRACKED



It’s hard to enjoy a comedy when you know people are unhappy making it.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior SMILF SMILF had great reviews and two Golden Globe noms, but was canceled after only two seasons when actress Samara Weaving quit over inappropriately handled sex scenes. There were also numerous allegations of racial discrimination on set. CRACKED



They opted for a strange “workaround” instead of just killing him off.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior The Goldbergs Actor Jeff Garlin abruptly left after several complaints about his lewd language and unwarranted touching on set. Fans were upset that they superimposed his face on a body double for the final episodes, and the show went out on a really low note. CRACKED

Sony Pictures Television


A very dark stain on a once bright show.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior Glee After Mark Salling pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography in 2017, no amount of peppy musicals can make us rewatch Glee with glee. Even worse, he committed suicide while awaiting sentencing. CRACKED

20th Television


That whole “be kind” motto was all for show.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior The Ellen DeGeneres Show After BuzzFeed detailed allegations of racial insensitivity, sexual harassment and bullying, DeGeneres did one last season before calling it quits. A Twitter thread asked people to share stories of DeGeneres being mean, and it quickly received over 2,600 replies. CRACKED

Warner Bros. Television

BuzzFeed News

Aw, but Hyde was such a cool dude!

Comedies ruined by bad behavior That '70s Show Danny Masterson was charged with raping three women between 2001 and 2003, and faces 45 years to life in prison. Watching him as Hyde is hard knowing that, at the time, he was filming Seasons 3 to 5 of the show. CRACKED


USA Today

The darkest and most shocking of all the tarnished sitcoms.

Comedies ruined by bad behavior The Cosby Show America's dad Bill Cosby was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting over 60 women, and the world basically erased the show's 8 seasons. The disgraced TV legend was found guilty on three counts in 2018. CRACKED

Carsey-Werner Productions, NBC


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