12 Inane and Petty Things Done to Appease Rich Assholes

Sorry, but my spiritual advisor says this 747 is bad luck!
12 Inane and Petty Things Done to Appease Rich Assholes

We’ve all heard about insane backstage requests from rock stars. The legendary story of Van Halen requesting the brown M&Ms be removed from their dressing room was apparently put in there to see if venues were actually reading their rider. We don’t know if that explanation is them trying to save face, but either way, it’s like saying, “You better take our booze and coke order seriously!” And venues actually fulfilled it! If you think rock stars request some ridiculous things, imagine what spoiled billionaires can conjure up. But we get it, dressing yourself and chewing your own food is for the filthy peasants.

We’d like to imagine that money wouldn’t change us, but it’s hard to tell if we’d be the types to put our underlings through the ringer. Maybe we’d stay grounded, or maybe our humble, down-to-Earth demeanor would fall victim to endless possibilities. If it happens to be the latter, we can use this list as inspiration. Here were 12 inane and petty things done to appease rich assholes.

This shoot won’t be on their IMDb page.

Rich people requests EXTRAVAGANT HOME MOVIES Travel company Black Tomato paid a prominent Hollywood cinematographer $665,000 to film a family's sailing trip through the Indonesian Islands. CRACKED

Black Tomato


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