11 Entertainers Who Were Weekend-at-Bernie's'd for Too Long

11 Entertainers Who Were Weekend-at-Bernie's'd for Too Long

Wanting to keep working at a ripe old age is very commendable. Heck, we all hope we’re still bangin’ out these articles at 90! Having to keep working at a ripe old age is just unfortunate. They’re begging for retirement, but a shady manager, an ugly divorce, or those pesky back taxes keep them in the game. 

We all love a standing ovation for an elderly celebrity’s lifetime achievement award. An appearance that they’re proud of, without feeling embarrassment. Sleazeball parasites who rob seasoned veterans of their golden years is beyond reprehensible. If any of you Marvel fans out there don’t know about our boy Stan Lee’s final years, he sadly got bested by a dastardly villain who we’re all hoping gets his comeuppance. If comic books have taught us anything… he will. 

On a lighter note, DVD really stood the test of time. Not the Digital Video Disc, of course. We’re talking about Mr. Dick Van Dyke. Watching that guy get his tap on in his 90s was inspiring. But at some point it’s like, just kick it on the couch like the rest of us! So, here are 11 entertainers who were Weekend at Bernie’s’d a little too long.

By the end, Burt Reynolds was taking anything and everything.

CRACKED IT WAS A NUMBERS GAME FOR BURT REYNOLDS. Не went bankrupt after going $11 million in debt, so since 2010 he pumped out roughly 20 made-for-TV & straight-to-video movies, and even voiced video games until he passed in 2018 at 82 years old.


Keya Morgan became one of the most hated men in America.

CRACKED STAN LEE'S SAD FINAL YEARS. After his wife passed, his business manager Keya Morgan muscled in to control his affairs. Morgan was charged with elder abuse, extorting $5 million, and false imprisonment by isolating Lee from his family to keep him working. NGERS COI ITY WA 11

The Guardian

Good on ya, Dick Van Dyke.

CRACKED DICK VAN DYKE IN MARY POPPINS RETURNS. For the 2018 sequel, Dick Van Dyke asked, Can I be in it? At 91 years old, he performed every step of his desktop tap dance. Fans loved it, but simultaneously hoped he didn't hurt himself.

YouTube / EW

There are classier ways of helping escorting an icon.

CRACKED LIZA MINELLI AT THE OSCARS. For her 2022 Oscars appearance with Lady Gaga, the disoriented Minelli wanted a director's chair but was forced to use a wheelchair. She was outraged and embarrassed that she had to be wheeled out there.

Vanity Fair

A hero till the bitter end!

CRACKED BRUCE WILLIS WENT HARD WHILE НЕ COULD. After being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, he heroically pumped out dozens of low-budget, knock-off thrillers so he could save money for his family. Не recently retired as his condition worsened. All the best, Bruce.

IMDB / Fox

Marlon Brando’s polar opposite bookends.

CRACKED MARLON BRANDO TRADED AN OXYGEN MASK FOR A MIC. From a muscular leading man to an elderly woman. For his final role, he voiced Mrs. Sour in the as-yet unreleased Big Bug Man. To be method, he wore a blonde wig, a dress, and full makeup to record this animated character. They recorded in his home, since he was frail and on oxygen 6 hours per day.

Far Out Mag / IMDB 

So technically, these are all zombie movies!

CRACKED DONALD SUTHERLAND ROSE FROM THE DEAD. In 2021, the 86 year old died for 4 seconds due to his bout with spinal meningitis. Despite this, he bounced back for multiple releases in 2022 and 2023.


Isn’t golf usually for the 50 year olds?

CRACKED JAROMIR JAGR IS FORCED TO PLAY HOCKEY At 50, the NHLer was obligated to play for Kladno in the Czech Extraliga, saying I have a responsibility to the club, otherwise I wouldn't be making a fool of myself. If I quit, the partners and sponsors would leave and the club may be done. I have no choice.


The King and his strings.

CRACKED ELVIS PRESLEY BECAME HIS OWN CARICATURE. His manager, Colonel Tom Parker forced him to take cheap projects, and took 50% of his earnings. His residency in Vegas was seen as a joke, and his non-stop schedule took a serious toll on his health. Не died of a heart attack at 42.


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