12 Myth Busting Moments Necessary Because of Movies

12 Myth Busting Moments Necessary Because of Movies

Ah, movies. They’re like books if books were fun and educational and you didn’t have to work so hard to come up with the pictures in your head. But what happens when they are, GASP, wrong? It sometimes happens, if you can believe it. Like when a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Zach Efron leads audiences to believe they can pee on a jellyfish sting (uh, don’t.) Or when a movie about zombies, aptly titled Zombieland, convinces you that Twinkies never expire (uh, they do). Or like when one of the most famous movies of all time leads to the villainization of a very peaceful animal who kindly stays in the ocean and does not try to leave it and only sometimes thinks you are a seal and tries to take a chomp out of your arm. 

It’s times like these when we must bring out our Mythbuster 3000 (patent pending) and myth bust Hollywood’s lying ass. Otherwise, we might need to start reading books, and literally no one wants that. Onwards! 

Miranda Wrongs

GRACKED MYTH: IF YOU DON'T READ SOMEONE THEIR MIRANDA RIGHTS ALL CHARGES AGAINST THEM WILL BE DROPPED (AS SEEN IN: 21 JUMP STREET) POLICE AND POLICE POLICE POLICE SCHMIOT FACT: Your charges will not be dropped, instead anything you said before having your Miranda Rights read to you will be inadmissible in court.

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