15 Ding Dong Moments in Otherwise Great Comedies

These record scratch moments took us out of the movie.
15 Ding Dong Moments in Otherwise Great Comedies

These movies had us right where they wanted us. We were laughing it up, and actually really invested in the world they built for us. Then… It happened. This one moment that made our faces scrunch up, our stomachs churn, and our belief suspended. Sometimes we could shake it off and get right back into the movie, but sometimes it was so off putting that they never got us back.

Comedies (especially already raunchy comedies) want to grab us by crossing the line here and there. Most great comedies can do this seamlessly, and we love them even more for it. The marionette sex scene in Team America: World Police is a perfect example. It’s gratuitous and unnecessary to the plot, but it somehow works, and we all look back on it fondly. These scenes though… You can just tell they were going for that effect, but they felt glaringly out of place. Here are 15 off putting moments in otherwise great (or what could have been great) comedies.

The Sausage Party orgy was a failed attempt at Team America’s sex scene.

CRACKED THE FOOD ORGY SAUSAGE PARTY It felt like they were just shoving the adult themes down our throats, like look at how crass we can make a Pixar movie. The unnecessary orgy scene took it way too far. Leave animated sex scenes to Team America: World Police.

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American Pie 2 sacrificed story for gross gags.

CRACKED STIFLER CAN TASTE THE BUBBLES. AMERICAN PIE 2 When the original had things in pies and flutes in places, the sequel wanted to double the raunchiness with half the effort. A girl plans to shower Stifler in champagne just as a guy starts peeing off the balcony, and it feels like a gross-out Three Stooges scene.


Meet the Parents writers must’ve used Greg as a mouthpiece for their airline bits.

CRACKED GREG FOCKER'S AIRPLANE RANT. MEET THE PARENTS AA AA We get that this was his low point, but his tirade felt like a Lewis Black stand up rant about luggage. Screaming at a stewardess and being flippant about bombs was out of character, and turned him into someone we didn't want to root for.


As far as gross-out college pranks, Van Wilder takes the pastry.

CRACKED THE PASTRY FILLING SCENE. VAN WILDER Filling pastries with dog semen is the pinnacle of gross college movie pranks. Pleasuring a dog while he looks at female dogs has to be some form of bestiality, and the way those preppy dudes lap it up is just nauseating.


Sandra Bullock just cuts into some guy's throat for a piece of pancake.

CRACKED THE TRACHEOTOMY THE HEAT Glaringly out of place. Tonally and structurally. It had nothing to do with the plot, and was just some bad, explicit SNL sketch plunked into a movie.

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Dan Akroyd’s ghost fantasy.

CRACKED GHOSTLY ORAL GHOSTBUSTERS Because '80s kids were swimming in Ghostbusters merch, it's easy to forget the really off putting moment where Ray (Dan Aykroyd) received fellatio from a ghost. What do you even call an inter-spiritual sex act?

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Jessica gives Robbie her nude photos.

CRACKED ROBBIE GETS MATERIAL CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE ... SERNS As a cute ending, 17 year old Jessica hands 13 year old Robbie her nude photos (that she originally gave his father). We get the sentiment, but there's no way a teen girl would want those pics out in the world, so it's a weak, easy ending for these characters.

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Healy’s story about “those goofy bastards” is shockingly crude.

CRACKED DISCUSSING DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY The gross-out humor is actually really good. They pull off a ton of memorable raunchy bits, but Matt Dillon using the R word, referring to a kid as Mongo, and discussing his cage, and his leash has never sat well with decent viewers.

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The Spy Who Shagged Me couldn’t stoop lower in easy shock value.

CRACKED AUSTIN POWERS DRINKS STOOL THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME FAT BASTARD STOOL SAMP This ridiculous gag (pun intended) has the coffee pot right next to Fat Bastard's stool sample, and overall it's a bit nutty. Like, why? Why does he drink fecal matter?

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