15 Dumb Reasons People Have Called 911

In that Florida man’s defense… That sandwich shop totally forgot his sauce!
15 Dumb Reasons People Have Called 911

We had no idea that dumb 911 calls were so prevalent. And so ridiculous. Honestly, we’d be terrified to call 911 for anything less than a legitimate emergency, but these people ring ‘em up like a local pizza shop. Do they not know that a frivolous emergency call that takes up a dispatcher's valuable time is an arrestable offense? Maybe they think that these insane situations are actually credible reasons for calling 911. 

We’re not here to find out why. That’s for certified professionals. We can only relay what dispatchers and emergency responders that don't get paid enough have shared with the world. And with the true crime genre completely booming over the years, it makes sense that there’s an appetite for the sillier side of “emergencies.” We can only watch so many murders before needing a kooky little palate cleanser. It’s too bad that it comes at the expense of emergency dispatchers. These ones seemed to laugh it off while giving us 15 of the absolute dumbest reasons people have called 911.

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