Look, this is Cracked. If you're reading this (or frankly, working here), chances are you've worked a customer service job before. Our MBA-to-CEO-to-freelance-Cracked-meme-maker pipeline is…nonexistent. And as we, with our shared experience know, the customer is not always right. In fact, the Great Resignation of the 2020s has done nothing but underscore that fact. Hopefully, we can all laugh about the incident later…hopefully. That's why this is a comedy site, after all.

So yeah, working a public-facing job has its challenges. And by challenges, yes, mean almost exclusively dealing with irate and entitled customers. Not only does everyone have their worst customer story, they have their top five worst customer stories. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's the most ridiculous thing a customer has said to you?” And, honestly, we're so so so sorry you had to endure these ridiculous people with a smile. We compiled the most amusing ones.

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Lisa P. tells US, I work in tourism, in Costa Rica. A client sent me an email asking if we had internet here.

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER THEATRE CLOSED Steven M. recalls working at a movie theater when the power went out for hours, Our manager has to pull up his car and shine headlights in so we could finish paperwork. Everything else was pitch black. Sure enough, someone pulls up

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Allison M. tells Us, Can you cook the steak to well done? My doctor said I can't have any red meat.' I've gotten some variation of this more than once... that is not what your doctor meant.

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Office DEPOT 26 20 Erik H. says, I worked at Office Depot as a customer service manager. I had a guy walk in hurriedly to the back of the store, look around a minute then storm back to me at the front. He demanded to

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TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER 011091 1302 Trevor H. tells Us, I had a guy claim that the luggage padlocks we sold were worthless because they all had the same combination. He steadfastly ignored me every time I said they could be customized then said that this was why

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Gilly P. says, I had a customer return their meal because the chicken tasted weird... They'd ordered beef lasagne.

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Krechenna G. says, A lady came up to me after using the hand sanitizer (that should be rubbed into your hands, not wiped off) and asked if she could wipe her hands on my apron. My apron I wear because I work in the

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Allen S. shares, Long ago I worked at a home improvement store in the plumbing department. I had this lady come up to me need to buy a toilet.' OK, no problem, so I ask what style she's looking for. I was not

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Jessica A. shares, Working as a cashier at a local grocery store, I had a lady get genuinely angry, and request a manager, because her drinks rang up $0.02 cheaper than the advertised price (the sign said 2/$4 and they came to $3.98). I'm

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Crystal A. bemoans, One customer told me the world globes we sold were wrong because Earth was flat.

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Toni D. tells US, I'm an optician and had a patient upset that her transition lenses wouldn't go dark outside. I put them in my UV box to check, and they darkened immediately. She asked what I did, and what was that light. I

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Regular Cash Unleaded 279 Plus Unleaded 202 Sunm Tobias C. says, I got yelled at because a customer thought that the gas prices were too high, like Yes, Brad, me, the part-time cashier behind the desk at your local gas-station, has ultimate power over

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Amy B. says, I was working at call center for a cell phone company. A man called in saying his phone wasn't ringing. Turns out he had just gotten the phone and hadn't given his number to anyone. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER 9MINLMO Violeta R. informs US, Working in retail on cruise ship, I have been asked: Where is the water from the pool from? Is it from the ocean? Another question was if the crew has a place to sleep on the ship or if

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER David B. says, Working tech support for the local cable company. Trying to help the customer connect to wifi. Me: 'Do you see the clock at the bottom right of your screen?' Customer: I don't have a clock, just this thing that tells me

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Clarks ehouse 20 Tim K. shares, I once had a customer shout their head off demanding to know why my Clarks shop didn't sell Adidas trainers. 'For the same reason Burger King don't sell Big Macs,' I told them. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER David J. worked at a call center for cellphones and shared with US, He'd just found the receipt and was trying to get me to send him a new device for free. I kept telling him I'd have to speak with the person whose

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Denise P. informs US, A patient arrived 30 minutes late to her appointment and was furious another patient with an appointment scheduled 15 minutes later was roomed before her. She literally yelled, 'My job's more important than hers, and I have to get back

TELL US NOW. MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER Peter Y. says, A woman came into the store I worked at to look at some silk flowers. She picks up a bouquet & asks 'Why don't these smell?' I say it's because they're not real flowers. She says, If they're not real, then


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