15 Outrageous, Incompetent, and Embarrassing Medical Slip-Ups

Farting during surgery can sometimes scar your body, apparently.
15 Outrageous, Incompetent, and Embarrassing Medical Slip-Ups

Ah, the hospital. A place of healing, of hope, of life-saving miracles... hopefully. As with any institution, it’s not always sunshine and roses. From farting to sexting, this list of fifteen outrageous hospital tales will make you laugh, cry, and cringe. 

From the woman whose fart set a Tokyo hospital on fire during surgery, to the military enthusiast who had a 57mm mortar shell stuck in his rectum, to the Indigenous woman who was verbally abused by nurses on her death bed, this list has it all. 

We’ve got stories of antivirus scans crashing medical equipment, anesthesia-induced humiliation, receptionists applying medical glue to a child’s eye, sexting during surgery, taking out the wrong kidney, tossing an amputated limb in the trash, a doctor taking a selfie with Joan Rivers while she was sedated, a baby whose head was ripped off during birth, and a nurse making sexual advances on a heart patient. These stories are a testament to the power of human stupidity, incompetence, and carelessness.

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