15 Awful Additions To Awesome Franchises (That Fans Agree to Just Ignore)

15 Awful Additions To Awesome Franchises (That Fans Agree to Just Ignore)

As the dismissive uncle saying goes… Ya can’t win ‘em all. And after compiling this list, it looks like there’s a little pearl of wisdom buried deep in that old adage. Honestly, it’s a tad comforting to know that even the greats pump out a flop here and there, because it lets us know that they’re human too. Unfortunately for them, when the fans are chomping at the bit for the next installment, and the multi-million dollar stakes are high, a stinker doesn’t come with much forgiveness. 

We can always look back like “Oh yeah, that was pretty disappointing,” but we forget that, at the time, these raspberries drummed up some serious anger. Maybe agreeing that they didn’t happen is our subconscious protecting us from that salty rage we once felt. Because (sorry, die-hard fans), living in a constant state of anger and disappointment over a flop is no way to live. So, whether it was a little stumble on the path to greatness, or the face plant at the finish line, here are 15 awful franchise additions that we just kind of pretend didn’t happen.

Game of Thrones stumbled at the finish line.

CRACKED GAME OF THRONES: SEASON 8 Dubbed one of the worst finales of all time, fans can't really ignore it since it does technically wrap up the series. The season was rushed and poorly written, since creators David Benioff and D. В. Weiss were itching to move on.

Screenrant / EW 

An incredibly rare stumble from Jay-Z.

CRACKED JAY-Z- KINGDOM COME 2003's The Black Album marked his retirement, so fans were thrilled for his return with 2006's Kingdom Come. Commonly referred to as his worst album, it is remembered as a false start before 2007's American Gangster properly kicked off Hov's second coming.


If only Macaulay Culkin could’ve stayed 10 years old.

CRACKED HOME ALONE 3, 4, 5, AND 6 The worldwide phenomena of Home Alone and Lost in New York were impossible to follow (especially without Macaulay Culkin). Wanting to profit off of the Home Alone name, the franchise kept pumping out lesser versions of the classics.


Fans want to remember Indiana Jones for the trilogy it was.

CRACKED - INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL The 4th installment came 19 years after the trilogy wrapped up with The Last Crusade. With bad CGI, aliens, and the fridge scene, fans would like to pretend it never happened.


No one is nostalgic for the Blues Brothers of the late ‘90s.

CRACKED BLUES BROTHERS 2000 In 1998, almost 20 years after the original, John Goodman just kinda filled in for the late John Belushi. When anyone remembers The Blues Brothers, they clearly mean John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in the earliest days of SNL.

Watch Mojo / Park Circus 

James Cameron should go back and stop this movie from happening.

CRACKED TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and James Cameron reunited for this 2019 installment, but it quickly states that the entire mission of the first 2 films was all for nothing. It felt like one big, Hey remember how cool this was 30 years ago?!

Screen Rant

To most people, there’s only one Jaws.

CRACKED EVERY JAWS SEQUEL. You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger quality drop in a movie franchise. From one of the best films of all time to forgettable trash, the Rotten Tomatoes scores read... Jaws: 98%, Jaws 2: 61%, Jaws 3: 11%, Jaws the Revenge: 0%.


Linkin Park got a little too experimental.

CRACKED LINKIN PARK'S ONE MORE LIGHT Fans felt that they strayed too far from their heavy nu-metal style, and opted for more synths and pop sheen. Sadly, it was an unfortunate and unintentional swan song for late vocalist Chester Bennington, as he died months after the release.

What Culture / YouTube 

The Corleones deserved a much better conclusion than Godfather III.

CRACKED THE GODFATHER PART III HBO's 7.5 hour The Godfather Epic proved that 1 and 2 are two parts of one captivating story. The 3rd was made 16 years later, and issues like an incest storyline and Sofia Coppola's performance keep it excluded from any Godfather conversation.

IndieWire / Duke 

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