15 Pieces of Trivia So Vital, We Fear That To Forget Them Would Be To Lose A Piece Of Ourselves

It takes so long for a star to become a black dwarf, there are no black dwarfs yet.
15 Pieces of Trivia So Vital, We Fear That To Forget Them Would Be To Lose A Piece Of Ourselves

Ah, the wonders of the modern world! We live in an age of technological marvels that can do almost anything. From the Oregon Trail to Yoda in a Saudi Arabian school textbook, it seems like there’s nothing we can’t do. But it’s not just technology that’s advancing; our understanding of the world around us is growing, too. 

Take a look at this list. It’s a collection of stories that span the gamut of human experience. From a man who won a lawsuit after his ex-employer threw him a surprise party, to a study that found that managers spend more time on social media than their subordinates, to a freediver whose heart rate slowed to 11 bpm during a dive, to a mysterious void in the Great Pyramid of Giza, to a guy with a 35,000-watt sound system in his home, to the fact that 300 million people have no friends, to the fact that bears store their poop during hibernation, to the skills Leonardo da Vinci listed in his job application, to the fact that the iPad still doesn’t have a calculator, to Gates McFadden’s choreography in Jim Henson films, to the amazing rate at which the Willow Run plant made B-24 bombers, to the mind-bogglingly long time it takes for white dwarf stars to become black dwarfs. 

This list is kind of a testament to the amazing things we can learn and discover, and the incredible people and stories that make up our world. So, let’s dive in and explore!

There is no tri ... al of anyone involved, hopefully.

CRACKED SOMEHOW, YODA GOT INTO A SAUDI SCHOOL TEXTBOOK. المملكة العربية العردية SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia's Education Minister apologized for a photoshopped picture of Yoda with King Faisal in a school textbook. A committee's looking into it and the artist's not sure how it got there.



History lesson? Nah, a game.

CRACKED OREGON TRAIL EXISTS BECAUSE OF A NOSEY ROOMMATE. A teacher created Oregon Trail as a pen- and-paper game for a history lesson on westward expansion, but his roommate thought it could be a computer game. You have died of dysentery.

Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium

Fast Company

Gates McFadden: Trek Doctor, choreographer, puppeteer.

CRACKED GATES MCFADDEN: FAKE DOCTOR, REALLY TALENTED PUPPETMASTER McFadden is famous for playing Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: TNG, but she was also a choreographer and puppet director for Jim Henson films like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

Paramount Domestic Television,
Universal Pictures

Mental Floss

One Virginia home is where 35,000 watts of power and a 1,500-pound turntable make beautiful music.

CRACKED THIS GUY'S SOUND SYSTEM IS SO POWERFUL, IT CAN MAKE PEOPLE CRY. One Virginian designed a concert hall-like space at home with 35,000 watts of power and a 1,500-pound turntable that produces a sound so beautiful, it brings people to tears.

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